My "Lesbian" school mate said a "Pastor" is sexually harassing her.

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    I go to school with a girl who is an open Lesbian and our classmate who is a Methodist Pastor at a church and she said he has been "flirting" with her for months. He is married with 2 small children and he invited both she and I to his church. She told me she refuses to go because of the "harassment" and she was wondering should she tell his wife. I told her not to get involved in a marriage like this and to tell the Pastor she will report him to the University Dean's office if he does not stop flirting with her. She told me he has made comments such as "After sleeping with me you will never want to be with women again" and "The penis is better then the vagina". I was shocked and angry after she told me this because I don't care what a person's sexual orientation is nobody has a right to harrass you. Posters should she tell his wife or the Univesity Dean?

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    Band on the Run

    His wife does not need at this point. I would run to the university dean's office. When I was in college, it was easier to report b/c I attended an all woman's college. Other women students generally know women faculty and/or administration that can be trusted. When men make such remarks to one student, half the student body has probably already endured his crassness. This not about sex but power. Other students may be saved.

    I would write an account so details are recalled. If the dean does not respond, a female doctor or prof may help. There is always an anonymous letter to the school newspaper, too.

    When I was young, this kind of thing embarassed me. The last time some construction workers did their thing I threw down my belongings and started to go up to them. I begged them to man up and say it to my face in front of the NYPD.Women were applauding me. They were told about themselves. I would walk far out of my to avoid them. I thought I was so ugly or yucky. He is not being seductive. The point is to make your friend feel awkward.

    Such conduct is illegal under federal and state law. Perhaps your friend wants to talk to N.O.W. or Ms. magazine. He is counting on the fact that he will not be reported. If this is a public university, get in touch with your legislators/governor.

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