ex-jws and cognitive dissonance

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  • MarchOn

    Remember Hildy, only God can judge me. As for destroying other's property, bags of burning sh** only leave smudge marks on the porch, very easily washed off. I'm not talking about smoking cigarettes, I'm talking about weed, God made it, its from nature so it is o.k. No different then smoking your roses but I don't know if roses give you a buzz. (hmmm?) I'm GREAT association, just ask my friends!! Think it over a little more before you say yah of nah. Cause I really believe we would get along together very well. We would probably end up being best friends!!!!
    p.s. I don't have any tarot cards, I thought you'd bring em. Am I a JW? Guess.

  • ozziepost

    On the subject of dissonance, you haven't told me yet, as far as I can tell, why you chose the posting name HildaBingen.

    Could you fill us in?

    Or could there be some dissonance in your own life?


    "If our hopes for peace are placed in the hands of imperfect people, they are bound to evaporate."

    - Ron Hutchcraft Surviving the Storms of Stress

  • Unclepenn1

    Hilda, what exactly is it about the WT that makes you think they are teaching the truth? The Bible is truth, not the false interpretations that the governing body puts into it. Have you ever read the Bible, like in context, or do you just skim and dip like all the other JW's I know? Read the gospels, start to finish. I bet you wont be a JW long after that. Also, why do we need someone to tell us what the Bible is saying. Why cant we just let the Bible tell us what it is saying?


    No blood, no beards, no smoking, no holidays, shunning, . [In the Bible? Well, not exactly]

  • Soledad
    ex jws think they are free. but they really suffer from cognitive dissonance

    and.....??? Does that pertain only to ex-jws? Do some Catholics believe in abortion rights for women? You bet. And I can think of several thousands of examples of cognitive dissonance (and most of them relate to Witness behaviors and attitudes). That doesn't make your "truth" THE "truth."
    And I betcha anyone here who made the decision to leave the WTS doesn't "kick against the goads" as you put (btw that's NOT a cognition just because you happen to find it in the New World MIS-translation)because I figger we know bull when we sees it!

    A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    I think that these so called trolls should only feed on watchtower literature.
    I say everyone get to "quotes website" and only speak in "quotes"
    Now you will never be told that you speak lies, only the truth.



  • Beans

    Do you know Fred Hall? You talk just like him, perhaps you go to the same Hall!

  • AjaxMan
    ex jws think they are free. but they really suffer from cognitive dissonance and malfunctioning defense mechanisms--reaction formation, shadow, neurotic symptoms.

    If xJWs suffer from that, I guess JWs like you are suffering them as well because an xJW was a JW at first so where do these cognitive dissonance and malfunctioning defense mechanisms come from?

    Also, if an xJW was DF'ed for suffering from what you said, it clearly shows that the JWs are doing a shitty job at helping and an even shittier job at demostrating Christian love.

    While on the subject of freedom, can you question your elders? Can you question WatchTower Doctrines? Are you restricted to which movies to watch and which music to listen? Can you miss a Field Service or Meeting?

    Now, don't answer me with a comment or with another question. Just answer directly the questions.

  • r51785
    ex jws think they are free. but they really suffer from cognitive dissonance and malfunctioning defense mechanisms--reaction formation, shadow, neurotic symptoms.

    Wow, I guess reading the Awake! really is like getting a college edumacation! Hildy I bet you're the smartest window washer/janitor/cult member ever!

  • Preston

    If it makes you feel good Hilda, I'm a college grad and even I had to look up some of the words you mentioned in a dictionary (It's true). However, I will say this. You caught me off gaurd with your questions, most Jehovah's Witnesses I knew would be puzzled by their scholarly presentation, wondering if you were trying to trick them into some kind of worldly reasoning ("That sister hilda's been saying the strangest things lately, what's her problem?") I would loooove to engage in some discussion with you sometime on the phone or in the chat, that is, if you have no objections with talking to a doubter...

    BTW, Marchon, tell me when you want me to come over and make fun of your neighbors...

  • Farkel

    : Mystikool told me i should endure. he said it not right for me to drop out when there is battle to be fought. so i no longer offended. i going to speak my mind in this place.

    That shouldn't take long.


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