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  • Pro

    Its not the WTS's way to simply say "Don't watch Dateline this week."

    Rather they'd draft some big elaborate special talk on "Guarding against Satan and how he manipulates the media" or some such thing. And then the rank & file witnesses would deduce this subtle message, and avoid watching Dateline.

    However if the society said straight up "Don't watch Dateline" most witnesses would obey. 'Cause in a household, your spouse wouldn't allow you to watch it or vice versa. Nor let your children watch it. And if you were to watch it, you wouldn't be allowed to talk about it to anyone anyways.

  • Sunnygal41


    I like your little "Dude" at the bottom of your posts, and the quote reminds me of another line of equal value: "Never pee on an electric fence!" LOL!!!


  • hawkaw

    ahhh gee.....

    Dateline is NOT for the JWs. The JWs have "blinders" on and won't care (except for those who are on the verge of thinking for themselves)

    Dateline is for the soccer moms with their SUVs.

    Dateline is also for getting more news cycles to keep this issue alive to alert the abused that there are people out there that are going through the same thing as them. And there are people willing to help the abused.

    You want change in the Borg to protect little kids - you go to the two sources that keep the WTS going. 1 - The "worldly people" used for new recruits and of course 2 - get their money by suing their pants off.

    Erica et. al. are going for their money (No. 2)(and rightly so). The press is going to help alert the public (No. 1).

    That is how change happens folks - like it or not.

    And by the way the press coverage over the last few days is ten times more important and 10 times bigger than a Dateline show. Remember the Dateline show is put on against other shows who take a bigger time share in the Neilson ratings.


  • SYN

    Hell, Dubs won't even watch "R" rated movies, let alone Dateline. Not that they'd give a flying as to what was said by the people on Dateline anyway ("Apostate mumblings, bah!")

    "If men were like their personal ads, they wouldn't need personal ads."

  • DevonMcBride

    I certainly agree with your your points. Informing the Non-JW public is the way to go. Suing can be a little more challenging because there are ways around paying off debt by filing for bankruptcy. A few months ago the Hare Krishna's were sued for child abuse also and they lost. To avoid paying off the debt, they filed for bankruptcy.

    I would like to add another way to make change. 3) Call and write to politicians to make changes in laws. Many states still don't require clergy to report child abuse to authorities.


  • sf

    Exactly hawkaw...it is NOT for the 'flock'.


    It is to get the door to door 'work' to decrease dramatically.

    What IS sad for this 'flock' is the FACT that the (G)oddamn (B)astUrds have not even thought of or seem to care what WILL occur 'out there' once the public has become Aware!

    Catholic pedophiles (PREDATORS...by the way) aren't on your property, knocking on your door with the hopes of a young child answering the door and the PREDATOR returning again in hopes of a 'bible study' (BS;bullshit).

    IS EVERYONE GETTING THIS YET?? THE FIELD MINISTRY MUST CEASE ENTIRELY! The 'gig' is up folks. Nothing they come to your door and preach about is TRUTH...NONE OF IT!

    sKally, who called her papers editor a second time and told them that until i see the ASSOCIATED PRESS story re: the disfellowshipments, in my communities news, they should expect my phone call every morning...KLASS ACTION KLASS

  • Jourles

    When the talk about Dateline came up several months ago, I began to watch it more and more. Well, my wife usually watches what I watch and vice-versa. After every Dateline show that we watch, I try to make it a point and say that they give both sides time to argue or to prove themselves right(or wrong) and that they offer a well balanced story to the viewing public. My wife is in complete agreement with me these days. She agrees enthusiastically in fact about Dateline's reporting.

    It is just my way of 'prepping' her for the inevitable. Once the pedophile issue airs on Dateline, I will remind her of the unbiased reporting that they have done in the past and that this show should not be any different. I hope it works!

  • MoeJoJoJo

    I just wonder how long in advance Dateline will notify the WT as to the airing date.

    -You can lead a fool to wisdom, but you can't make him think.

  • Schibolet
    It is to get the door to door 'work' to decrease dramatically.

    Finally, an apostate that realizes and acknowledges the truth. The quote above is the real reason that apostates have for all these pedophilia accusations. Apostates don't care about victims, their real agenda is to stop the preaching work.

    It amazes me what Satan is doing here. He is manipulating apostate minds and actions to stop the preaching work.

    2 Peter 3:9 says that Jehovah does not want to see anyone destroyed, well it's a differentt story for Satan. He rejoices at the idea of millions and millions dying with him. Apostates are one of his favorite tools to accomplish this.

  • dungbeetle

    I'm afraid Jehovah's Witnesses don't need apostates OR Satan to 'stop the preaching work.'

    They're doing that all by themselves.

    Sending convicted rapists to people's doors was a BIIIIGGG BAAD PR move.

    And the BIBLE says to do this WHERE?


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