Detroit DC is NOT filling up? Please book a hotel room!! -letter

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  • scary21

    The border where Detroit meets Gross Pointe Farms is about 7-8 miles from down town. Yes, you may be robbed and killed there.

    Stick to down town.....I was wrong about the people mover going to the Motor City casino, it's the Greek Town casino.

    I thought the International convention in Detroit was in June ???

    Does anyone know which hotels they want the JW's to stay in ( Detroit ) ????


  • sparrowdown

    We had the privilege of being shown a vid of some bethel heavies from the branch having a little fireside chat encouraging all to attend the DC.

    It just screamed desperation.

  • losingit

    Really??? A video to encourage ppl to go to the DC? We can c it as desperation, but R&F will probably see it as loving from GB and Bethel. Ugh

  • ?me?

    scary- the hotels were not too bad down town, , MCC, book cadillac, courtyard on woodward, HI express.... but only about 6 or so..

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Detroit is the Mogadishu of America, a gleaming example of how brilliantly liberal politics works, and it gets no lovelier than it is this time of year.

    Just say "FUCK NO" to District Conventions.

  • sparrowdown

    That's right losingit a big ole scary-ass video. The emphasis was "everyone is welcome".

  • snare&racket
  • sir82

    I find this news quite happifying.

  • KateWild

    I am not sure whether it's a case of JWs not feeling safe or JWs not having the funds to travel 2/3 hours away. I would say it's probably a combination of both.

    They will be guilted by the WT to go to the assigned DC, but I know here in the UK JWs aren't assigned to go 3hrs away, unless of course that has changed with more being assigned to Twickenham.

    Kate xx

  • Crazyguy

    This whole new DC thing may really backfire, people having to spend $thousands of dollars to take their family several hours away to a DC. How can poor JW's afford this? I actually make good money but with a family totalling 7 I would be pissed if I had to pay for hotels food and gas to go to one. My wife is going to go to a DC just a couple hours away but I'm still not happy with the money she will spend.

  • piztjw

    Gotta love the way the eldurrs chastise any who are not planning on attending their assigned orderd location. Like a family I know who is now being semi-shunned as stiff-necked rebels for attending a location closer to where they live and staying with family for free, instead of travelling twice as far, and staying at a recommended ordered motel an hour from the site for $100.00 per night.

  • ?me?

    for us i think people have been used to for the last 2 decades attending a local DC (some were 2 hours away in PA and took daily busses) so i think they liked the idea of something different, but now they are figuring out how to do it. there are not any closer, i think indianapolis is the other one, and not sure of how far east the next one is , maybe philly or baltimore. but i know even we are having second thoughts of spending the money on a hotel, we may stay with friends in the area. i know at my hall 75 percent are living paycheck to paycheck or less, and no one is wealthy. so it is a burden, and a hassle compared to what we have done for years. heck i even come home for lunch to let the dog out.

    the letter was just striking that they mentioned the "empty hotel rooms , plenty of rooms, waiting to book" a few times and how it was going to screw the org in the future.

    i miss us having 4 weekends to pick and choose to go ... now we have 2 weeks in detroit..june and july..

  • Listener

    Not that my father could not have afforded it but there is no way he would have us stay in a Motel during an assembly. It was always Caravan Parks for us. He had an old campervan that 7 of us would stay in.

    Could someone advise if this is an option in the United States or the U.K. and don't JWs do that anymore?

  • Spectre

    Happyfying indeed!

  • kneehighmiah

    We had the assembly last week so we just received our please come to Detroit letter today. it was hilarious. They obviously are worried about the fate of future conventions there. Also they told us that Detroit really needs our help and that the GB would never plan a convention in an unsafe location. Also they predictably attempted to guilt us using the Old Testament accounts of traveling to the festivals. I'm sure that will work. It seems almost out of nowhere that the witnesses in America no longer give a flying you know what. Also our assembly ran a huge deficit so we received a letter asking for help. I don't remember that happening before. oh, and we only had 2 baptized at the assembly. Pathetic. Guess Jehovah's spirit has left.

  • villagegirl

    Detroit Again Tops List Of Most Dangerous Cities,

    And WHY do you continue to go to District Conventions ?

    When you you know the Governing Body is the Anti-Christ ?

  • NeverKnew

    oh, and we only had 2 baptized at the assembly.

    How many were in attendance?

  • villagegirl

    Kneehigh .....Festivals ?? There is nothing festive about any convention.

    Now if they had dancing, musicians, served beer, told jokes, had a huge

    banquet with a buffet, and everyone was in costume, and they gave out

    door prizes, then were talking festival.

  • AlphaMan

    and we only had 2 baptized at the assembly. Pathetic. Guess Jehovah's spirit has left.

    Wow.....that is pathetic. The 2 baptized were probably born-ins too. The Watchtower is definitely developing cracks in the foundation.

  • prologos

    "Jehovah's spirit HAS LEFT"? impossible.,

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