Photo from Bible Teach book was one of the top posts on /r/WTF today

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  • Richard_I

    A pic from the Bible Teach book was posted on reddit's popular /r/WTF subreddit where people post things that make you say "what the fuck" out loud. This was the photo and you can read the thread's comments here. It was one of the most-upvoted pictures today on the subreddit.

    I visit that subreddit once in awhile and laughed out loud when I saw the thread.

  • Seeking agape
    Seeking agape
    Hahaha! The comments on that site are so funny!
  • Seeking agape
    Seeking agape

    [–]Aerobie 2 points an hour ago

    With those holes in your cheeks, you'd probably get some of my brains in your mouth, and you wouldn't want that, would you? WOULD YOU?! GIVE ME THE MONEY!

  • jhine

    What is it about their drawings that is "off " Not just the violence of that one ( and others ) even the nice pictures of Watchtowerland have a weird quality to them . Even seen out of context I believe that you could tell a picture was a WT production .Is that just me or does anyone else see it as well ? .


  • Alive!


    It always, always bothered me re illustrations.

    I thought I was being too proud :-(

  • jhine

    Alive , I wonder how many current Witnesses feel like you and won't voice their feelings for fear of getting into trouble?

    There definately is something odd about those pictures.


  • iwasblind
    hey guys you might like to know the picture has been changed in the online version of the book (what does the bible really teach), still glorifies the horrible and promotes fear.
  • jhine

    I wonder if someone pointed out how weird it is , but all of their illustrations are.just.plum strange .


  • _Morpheus
    Rotfl did u notice the OP's caption... It said the book was left as a "tip" at work.
  • rebelfighter
    During my final argument with the Elder. I am trained to recognize emotional abuse and his grandchildren are under the age of 6, I made the comment which BTW got no response So when are you going to take them to see the next horror movie that comes out in the movie theater, no different then those magazines you give them at the KH and the talks about ammagedon. They know their great grandpa and their very favorite aunt are not JWs.

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