My Sister's At Bethel Right Now

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  • bluesapphire

    She sure is. Wonder if she'll have to be face to face with the THREE New York articles that came out today.

    I'm crossing my fingers and praying. She's a Sociologist (believe it or not) and knows about social issues. Just that she says "talk to the hand" whenever anything is negative about dubs.

    But this -- this she wont be able to ignore. OH I HOPE SHE SEES OR HEARS SOMETHING!

  • orangefatcat

    Remind your sister that you love her very much and hate to see her misguided and then point her in the direction of the different publicized articles that are not published by apostates but by the media themselves.

    wishing you the very best of luck

    HINDSIGHT IS 20/20

  • bluesapphire

    Well, that's hard to do since she shuns me to the most rediculous degree.

    But thanks for the well-wishes.

    She's in New York now. She'll be going out in service. I pray some innocent householder puts her on the spot.

  • sunscapes

    "Talk to the hand?" Well, if her ears and brain are there....

    Tell her to ask Lyman Swingle about how he feels about Ray Franz!!

    The BACK OF MY HAND, as we Scots would say! Ignorant prisssy goodie-two-shoes, she sounds like.

  • bluesapphire
    Ignorant prisssy goodie-two-shoes, she sounds like.

    Sunscapes, I see you've met her.


    She didn't used to be like that ... 'til the dubs got to her.

  • Solace

    I know how you feel.
    I have an aunt who has devoted her entire life to the org. never had children and has been a missionary for as long as I can remember.
    It is amazing how people can ignore the obvious, even their own common sense. Even when I believed what the W.T.S taught, I still felt that something was very wrong. Even as a child, the whole thing about everyone being killed in Armageddon except witnesses really bothered me. I am very relieved that I was able to prove to myself that it was false.

  • anewperson

    There are many good JWs who are simply trapped and misled by the Watchtower Society. We're not bashing JWs per se but are exposing those in the WTS who mislead our friends and families. Up with Jehovah but down with the Watchtower Society, its spying and coverups of pedophilia etc

  • Imbue

    Sorry (((Blue))) Maybe she will read the paper but if you send the clippings in the mail anonymously. Could you have someone from another city send them to her. These news articles are important because it will allow JWs to ask questions without citing an apostate source.

    "The only good elite are dead elite!!"-Naeblis
    (Ok! He borrowed it)

  • bluesapphire

    Imbue, are you volunteering? Cuz if you are, I'd appreciate it.

    I know I rag on her a lot. That's because she really has gone overboard with this shunning thing.

    Most dubs when their close friends are getting df'd call them up and go out and party the town up the night before the announcement.

    E on the other hand, shuns me even though I'm not df or da.

    Shows you what type of loyal dub she is.

    Sad part is that I'm trying to save her from giving up her youth. She's only 27. Still has a great life ahead of her. I'm hoping she doesn't find out the truth about the LIE when she's 50!

  • Imbue

    Blue sure,

    I don't have the articles can you email them. Sure, I would mail them anonymously. She may not react to them strongly but they will sow seeds of doubt. It's a long road. Don't expect too much. It's taken me since 98' to realize I'm apostate.

    "The only good elite are dead elite!!"-Naeblis
    (Ok! He borrowed it)

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