The day the music died

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  • Rattigan350

    I commented about how the 2008 Yearbook gives the story of a girl who is on Estonia Idol and gives up an opportunity to progress to further rounds because she has a talk on the Theocratic Ministry School. When JWs started to study with her, that is the day the music died.

    While watching the Grammys, though most was trash the music from the 70s was great, I thought, what if Paul McCartney's parents studied with JWs and Paul didn't become a musician. His music would have died and there would have been no Beatles.

    That could be applied to any number of people. Being marginalized and trivialized and talents wasted ends up killing everyone's music and other talents. That's my concern about the dangers of the organization.

  • Dis-Member

    Yep, and not just music. No musicians, no painters, no designers, no inventors, no writers, no dancers, no sculptors, no explorers, no mountain climbers, no artists, no developing talents or natural gifts of any kind to any significant level.

    Imagine a whole world full of people like this. A lifeless, colourless, artless, creativeless black and white existence where one size fits all. Same clothes, same suits, same haircuts, same bags, same speech, same severely limited life experience, same views, same stock phrase vocabulary and expression from reading all the same brain numbing books and having the same non-education.

    Awful society.

    I can think of far better examples than the Beatles to represent musical talent but hey..

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Paul's father played in a band. I believe Ringo's father or step-father was, too. With the exception of John, their relatives encouraged them. The Beatles were a family endeavor. Siblings played a part, too. It always amazed me to read about Paul and George would travel several bus lines just to hear an American record. I was in elementary school when they came to America. The publicity machine made them sound so independent. I thought they evolved past families

    I thought it was nice that they gave their families the credit they deserved. The one tidbit is always John's Aunt Mimi. The McCartneys were too lower class for her. George Harrison was banned from her home. She was afraid Geoge would lead John to a bad place. It is nice that the other families did not retaliate.

  • TTATTelder


    A world just as you described but completely dedicated to the GB. As disgraceful as that would be - to both society and God - The GB would have it no other way.

  • galaxie

    No beatles without buddy holly, the day the music died?

  • Dis-Member

    No one puts it better than Steve Hassaan.

    Hassan’s Criteria for Mind Control

    Steven Hassan is a leading American Exit Counsellor who authored Combatting Cult Mind Control (1990); now a standard text for understanding the tactics and influences of the cults (Hassan & Das, n.d.). He believes that cults try to suppress people’s distinct individual freedom by suppressing their free will, talents, creativity and ability to think for themselves. The ultimate goal of indoctrination and gradual dissociation is to make unique individuals into ‘clones’ that fit the cult’s mould or, theologically speaking, to re-mould people bearing God’s image to people reflecting the image of the cult leader/s.

    More brilliant and essential reading over on Freeminds for those who seek to liberate themselves from these cloning techniques. The best discussion and analysis of the subject that I have ever read anywhere.

    A Study of the Persuasion Techniques Used by Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Writers are the conscience of a nation- Solzhenitsyn. Unless said writer becomes a jw. Like I did. Imagine if Solzhenitsyn or George Orwell became jws.

  • WTWizard

    Now, suppose this cancer was going 100 years earlier, and the likes of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Alexander Graham Bell were to study with the jokehovians when they were teenagers. We would still be using candles for light (or gas/oil lamps). No phonograph records--or CD players or MP3. No phone--much less cell phones that can connect online. No computers. No nothing. Even AC electricity would not have been developed.

    Going farther back, suppose Isaac Newton and Galileo were to become jokehovians when they were around 17 or 18. We could in theory still be looking at the cat lick church still dictating that the earth is at the center of the universe, and the whole universe at several million miles across. To this day, we could have been afraid of falling off the earth had a few key scientists became jokehovians instead of challenging lamestream science (which joke-hova and its filthy angels, using the cat lick church, held back).

    As for today, how do we know that that 6 year old getting baptized wouldn't have been the one to blow Einstein's theories right out of the water and expose that thing as the scientific equivalent to the cat lick church? We could have zero point energy, faster than light travel, full understanding of the universe and how the astral works, and no more energy crisis threats (and no Internet II threats, either, since if they give us Internet II, someone with a device no bigger than a pack of cancer sticks could reinstate Internet I). But no, that 6 year old is instead required to give up everything and pious-sneer. School vacations are wasted, ambitions squashed, and humanity held into the 20th century equivalent of the cat lick church's Dark Ages with an energy crisis and Internet II. And joke-hova wins that soul, along with holding us all back.

    I think I would rather stick with just music being held back.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I don't think it would happen because of human nature. Paul is probably the poorest example of the Beatles. He was always a go-getter and studied hard. Unlike the others, he loved school. He was headed for Oxford or Cambridge. He gave it up for the band and rock'n'roll. You are born with your temperament. If you fight it in life, you can't prosper at anything. Part of McCartney makeup is being antiauthoritarian. I was born antiauthoritarian. Mandela, Gandhi.

    After reading extensive Beatles bios since the early days, not one of them could be a JW if they tried their hardest. They might have a fling at KH but the brothers would fling them back out into the world. They were all against religion despite religious upbringings and time in youth choirs. George's devotion to Krishna was shocking at the time. He mainstream Hindu belief among English people. They constantly sought out art students and avant-garde elements as teenagers.

    The GB's ideal world would be utter chaos. First, there are no provisions for public health. They have no idea of infrastructure. No bridges, highways, pothole repair, traffic safety, urban planning. I don't think the New System could even support a Native American lifestyle. Native Americans had complex political and social allliances. There were trade routes.

    Also, I would rather not live in a world with no human rights of any sort. There would be no law, only terror. Imagine a world with no traffic lilghts or 911. I lived in downtown Manhattan on 9/11. My neighborhood was the closest to Ground Zero that was not part of Ground Zero so the police used it as a staging area. I saw the need for government in very concrete ways. The tristate area practiced and practiced for mass disasters. Within less than half an hour, after the first plane hit, NYC designated areas for family and friends and for people fleeing who could not reach home. My local hospital was the closest trauma center. Staff were lined up with stretchers, calmly waiting arrivals-that never showed up. The rest of the city did not panic. All hell did not break lose. People brought supplies down. Millions would have perished that day under a GB authority.

    Returning to the Beatles, the GB would trash museums. No Sistine Chapel, no Pieta, no Da Vinci, no Impressionists, goodbye Picasso, Warhol. Music would stop. Imagine being force into museums full of WT illustrations which always remind me of Stalinist art. There has to be a technical term for it. Opera would end. Hip hop-no more. I imagine prisons would grow. Not even Hitler anticipated such global power.

    No more fiction. Shakespeare, Chaucer, Tolstoy, Chekov, Dickens-no more. No more New York Times best seller list. No more newspapers. Universities would close. I would have no books about princesses. No more Henry VIII books to read.

    Instead of all these autobiographies, someone should expose the Witness world by writing a sci fi account of what a new system world would be like. I would not be around but if I were, my responsibility would be to resort to violence against them. No more history. English itself, the language, would cease. I know some people loved their KH crowd. I hated mine. Death would be the better option. Jesus never performed large scale miracles. There is almost always some proximity in a Jesus miracle. Anyway, Jesus is only an angel. No rescue.

  • Rattigan350

    Oh, but we do wish that Justin Bieber's parents would have studied and got him baptized at a young age to give out tracts, rather than attacking our ear drums.

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