Can you love more than one person

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  • larc

    Sorry, I didn't mean to start a new thread, but I started a new post by mistake, so here it is anyway. This is my comment to Cello. Sorry folks.


    I don't mean to pick on you, but I have to say that when someone experiences love, they know what they experience. It is not an equation that you can work out in your head. It is something that hits you like a ton of bricks, and you have no choice in the matter. It is not a matter of choice, or attention or anything else. It is something that hits you like a bolt of ligtning out of a clear blue sky. You have no idea where it came from or why. It just happens. Love is one life's mysteries. You can't analyze it, and you can't explain it. It just happens. For some people, like lightning, it never strikes. For others, like lightning, it strikes several times.

  • butalbee

    ..So this is the spin off to my thread, eh?

  • Imbue

    Butal has Larc ever posted on one of your threads before? Just a thought...

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  • ronin1

    This is Ronin1:

    I believe you can "love" more than one person in different ways.

    But I also believe you can only have one true friend that you deeply love and is your best friend.

    That person becomes your "soul mate". When someone becomes your "soul mate" it takes a while, a long time. It is not an overnight thing because you need to have shared many life experiences-happpy and sad, problems and solutions together to achieve that connection.

    I not sure if this is the response you were look for, but I hope is helps.


  • simplesally

    I think that it would be better to fall in love with a friend, that way when the going gets tough, you have your friend, someone you trust to help you two get thru it. Then the passion can either still be there or even if it has lessened, the love is still there, the trust, then as you grow, your love is deeper.

  • plmkrzy

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    Thanks Larc i was wondering what to use for a new sig I haven't had one for awhile.

    the other side of that coin is you lost a good friend who is now your enemy[8>]

    Love is one of life's mysteries, like lightning, it never strikes. For others, like lightning, it strikes several times. So wear a rubber crash helmet
  • butalbee

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  • cellomould

    Hey Larc,

    I caught your reply only by searching for your recent posts. Quite a surprise to find it. Anyhow, thank you for commenting...

    I can't argue with you much on what you said.

    Trying to ascribe meaning to love is pretty much impossible. I suppose my only point would be that as mystical as it seems, it is something real.

    It would be rather interesting to tackle it like a problem. Try to simulate it with computer programs. Why not? I don't suggest, of course, to try control it and possess it...but rather understand it so it can be admired and valued.

    I hope I don't seem to take away the meaning of it. We can make it mean whatever we want to. We don't have to lose our sense of wonder about love.

    As an example of ascribing meaning, I know that I still love my first college sweetheart. And she told me once that she loved me. Problem is, I never dated her because I was a JW and she was not. You see, she is now engaged to someone else. (And of course my JW engagement was terminated more than a year ago)

    I would love to talk with her about it, but I am afraid it would feel like we have to do something about it. But in my opinion, it can just be appreciated for what it is. It doesn't mean we have to alter both our lives to fulfill some supposed destiny.

    People try to analyze love constantly. 'Who do I love more?' 'Love is so difficult', etc etc etc...I am saying that it should not be taken so seriously.

    Be happy that you have love, however it decides to visit you.


    "You're crying 'why am I the victim?' when the culprit is YOU" Stevie Wonder

  • graceabounds

    I think that most everyone is capable of loving more than one person.
    Because there are so many "kinds" of love...friendship, passionate
    love, love that you have for your parents, or that you have for, anyone capable of loving can love more than one person, even at the same time. for the soulmate stuff...I don't believe in it. Last
    year about this time, I visited a psychic...he came well recommended.
    Anyway, he told me that I needed to find someone I did not need to
    fix.(In the way of a relationship). He told my, now ex-boyfriend,
    boyfriend at the time, that I was his soul mate.
    Question: How could I need to find someone that I did not need to fix, yet I was his soul mate.
    I think that, when looking for a life's have to choose who you will love. Not just "fall" in love. The thing about "falling"....
    you always hit the ground...
    As for loving 2 at once....
    that might be a personal choice.
    It would be too confusing for me...;)


  • LB

    It's ok butal, you get credit.

    I'll repeat myself. I don't think for a second you can love two at once and have it really be love.

    I've certainly had two girlfriends at the same time. Thought I loved them both but differently.

    Then love wanders in, real love, and you understand.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

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