Cold Fusion Moves Into Mainstream

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  • snare&racket

    What do you thik of Dr Steven Greer Met ?

  • metatron

    I get angry about thinly disguised ad hominem remarks commonly made about Greer and his appearance. Hints that's he's gay or whatever...

    I respect his sacrifice. Yes, sacrifice.

    Too many armchair pseudo-skeptics ignore the potential danger of coincidence. Like a guy and his friend investigating something controversial and suddenly getting cancer. Or perhaps Karen Silkwood suddenly dying in a car "accident". Or a guy and his son investigate the Federal Reserve, come up with some amazing info and then their bodies get found with bullet holes thru the skull in the ashes of their home.

    Need I go on here?

    Does anybody ever have the wisdom to say that, by nature, whistleblowers and crusading heroes aren't perfect and yes, have egos that drive them?

    Like Snowden? or Assange? or many people who confront the WTS? And that they all need to make a living somehow?

    In the recent "Cold Fusion" case, the original guy (Rossi) has a colorful past. That's irrelevant because the technology has now passed into the hands of others - internationally- engineers and Ph.D's and now, venture capitalists.

    Whatever Greer's faults, he has brought solid attention to serious whistleblower/UFO technology. And that's needed because establishing the existence of alien life would change the world ( and religion).


  • Paralipomenon

    Last I heard, after millions being poured into cold fusion research, a theoretic model has yet to be defined.

    There are still some places that fund research into cold fusion, but the original results were not able to be confirmed or duplicated. It has largely soured the scientific community on further efforts.

    Remember, Einstein had a theorectical model for E=MC2 for years, but needed specific solar conditions by which he could test, measure and confirm his theory.

    Cold fusion needs a theoretic model first, then a machine can be built to test and prove it. Anyone promising they built a cold fusion device is selling "miracle tonic".

  • metatron

    Aspirin was used for many years before anyone knew how it worked.

    The effect I keep reporting on involves a specific reaction that seems to involve nickel and hydrogen. I truly do not know if they will be able to build an effective power plant out of it but it looks promising. The famous scientist Irving Langmuir discovered a strange anomaly about heating with atomic hydrogen (i.e. not H2) many decades ago.

    The scientists I follow have given up on the academic community and seek to go directly to the business community. Many of the original researchers on "Cold Fusion" were treated very shamefully.

    Perhaps the "Hot Fusion" breakthrough at Princeton will work out. Either way, let's change the whole world.


  • bohm


    In the recent "Cold Fusion" case, the original guy (Rossi) has a colorful past. That's irrelevant because the technology has now passed into the hands of others - internationally- engineers and Ph.D's and now, venture capitalists.


    That is some weapons-grade bullshit.

    To summarize for those that may not be familiar with Rossi, what happened is way back in 2011, Rossi claimed to have discovered cold fusion and, not only that, he had made a device that produced far more power than what came in. That would have been the quickest nobel prize award in history.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, Rossi has not put out a patent for how the device is supposed to work, nor has he cared to explain that it anyone else. Even more problematic, *every* single test Rossi has performed on the darn thing has involved Rossi deciding to measure the actual power-output in an unreliable way, even though there are other ways which are both easier and more reliable to measure the power-output.

    One wonder why.

    After a couple of these "demonstrations" Rossi ensured everyone a commercial scale power plant and a table-top version of the thing would be available within about a year; naturally the only thing that happened was Rossi asked people for money and assured everyone the end is really really soon (TM) now. Sorry, it would be ready soon. Just a little more money.

    That Rossi has a history scamming people is actually pretty irrelevant.

    For some reason Metatron has desided the only mature way to deal with this is to ignore it and call other people names.

  • cantleave

    I beleive Rossi is working on redefining the Laws of Thermodynamics

  • metatron

    Let me repeat: the technology has passed into the hands of others (who have come to their own conclusions). Even Rossi had Italian University scientists working with him. Saying otherwise is misrepresenting the matter.

    This thread was started with news in print (I consider Wired fairly mainstream) about versions of the same technology moving forward. Did anyone bother to read it? There are a number of tech-savvy people involved internationally who work with variations of the same LENR technology. They are convinced it is real.

    It appears that name-calling is justified but I will refrain.


  • bohm

    Metatron: so according to you, rossi had a working cold fusion device two years ago and the only thing he has managed to do in the mean time is to hand it off to someone else?

    do you still believe rossi was telling the truth way back in 2011?

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