Chucking out Stepford wife clothes...

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  • Mulan

    I can't believe I still have all the meeting shoes!! I haven't worn high heels in two years, since my aunt's memorial. (she wasn't a dub.......and I wore a suit and high heels) I dislike dressing up now, and hardly ever wear anything but jeans and a T-shirt. Boring, I know. I have a couple of nice pants outfits, for going to the doctor and if we travel. Otherwise, no way.

    I haven't thrown out the meeting clothes because they are so nice!! I bought good stuff, but have gained about 40 pounds, in the past three years, so they don't fit. Size 10 anyone??

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Mulan, that's too funny!!!! I haven't wore my high heels in 3 years!!!! Only when I HAVE TOO!!!!! lol

    I had some killer suits and high heels....but I liked the baggy dresses for field service.

    And don't you just LOVE that you can sleep in on Sunday mornings!!!!

    Tink =;o)

  • plmkrzy

    Skully I too remember that type of warning but it was long ago I didnt think anyone still paid attention to that stuff.
    I use to sneek into second stores to shop for stuff. Still do. You can find some great stuff. I came accross an antique mirror Solid oak frame. wiegh a ton. It was splattered with paint and had a 10.00 sticker on it. I GRABBED IT! Cleaned it up and it hangs in my livingroom. Its worth quite a bit now.
    No demons came out of it that I know of HAHAHAHAHAHA. Not yet anyway.

  • VeniceIT

    I only kept my good suits and skirts! the rest I tossed. Last year I went shopping with a friend, and there was a sale going on and I took a bunch of stuff in the dressing room. i'm trying them on nothing was working right,then I put this one dress on it fit perfect so I zipped and buttoned and straightened it and turned to look in the mirror and it was a 'PIONEERRRRRR DRESSS' I freaked!!!! Ripped it off threw my clothes on and dashed outta there leaving stuff in the room, I hadn't realised how different I was dressing now. hahhahah ohhh it still gives me goose bumps!!!!


  • Mulan

    Me too! Long baggy dresses were SO comfortable for service, and yes, pioneering Venice!! I still have them, but baggy or not, a 10 won't fit this size 16 body anymore!!

    My suits are so expensive!! I used to wear them to seminars and when I was doing business presentations, or conducting product trainings, but I have no need for those gorgeous size 10 suits anymore, even if they fit me! Pants outfits work great.

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers


    Clothes, clothes, and more clothes..........I had so many. I did most all of my shopping at second hand and consignment stores and only bought the best. I was good friends with the owners and when their weathiest consigners would bring their things in (my size & my taste) they would hold them back for me to go through first. Most would still have the price tags still on. Great buys!!! I never asked for a reduced price, but evidently other JWs would and it would make the lady sooooo mad. I would be so ashamed, because I introduced the JWs to the owner and they would treat her like SHIT. She told me that when other JWs would come into her store they made her feel like if she made a dime on them, she was cheating them. She was exceptionally nice and giving, but they would use her. I told her not to worry about my feelings and I couldn't apologize enough to her. She also, said that they would always say "questionable things concerning me.
    Could I ever apologize enough.

    Well I've had four big garage sales since my DFing in June of 2000 and I made over a $1000 on my clothes (mostly $1 each). Yep, got rid of most of my clothes, except some dress clothes for funerals, dressy affairs, etc. Now, I've got plenty of room in my closets. My hubby is thrilled that he has more clothes than I do.

    The clothes horse no more.


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