There Are Gay JW's?

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  • gladtobeout

    Hi Storm,

    I experienced trying to ignore my homosexuality for a couple of teen years back in the late 70's early 80's, it got to the stage where I seriously considered marriage to a very sweet man who was also a JW. Well, I just couldn't lumber him with an unhappy and unfulfilled wife and probably children too and after much prayer and soul seeking decided to go down that road I thought I'd never see. I disassociated myself in early 1982, the elders tried to convince me that I could be celibate, but I knew of some people within the congregation who I suspected were exactly that and decided long before not to opt for that.

    When I ventured forth into the gay/lesbian world I was struck by the lack of sincerity and fleeting relationships, but it was so liberating being with like-minded people. Well, I think that disassociating myself was the best thing I ever did and have looked back when I think of the people that shunned me and my mother that is still a JW and still rejects the way I am. I am true to myself and will never hide my true feelings.

    Good luck.

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