How to Tell If Your Child Is Ready for Baptism

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    Local authority regulations for water hygiene stipulate your child should not be of an age in which diapers are still in use. Incontinence is not good for impression management.

    When asked the (current) baptism questions, it is strongly preferable that your child have some language facility. Answering with one "Gaga" for No's and two "Gagas" for Yes's is similarly not good for impression managrment.

    The Governing Body trusts the following two examples will help earnest parents make the best decision for their young children if the question of their wanting to be baptized arises:

    1. How to tell your child probably is not quite ready for baptism:

    "Daddy and Mommy, can I have bubbles in the water and lots of balloons after I get out of the pool at the convention?" (impression management is challenging under this sort of scenario).

    2. How to tell your child definitely is ready for baptism:

    ""Daddy and Mommy, I want to get baptized so I can show my total commitment to following the loving direction of the brothers on the Governing Body" (This scenario is excellent for impression management - except insert Jehovah God's name alongside the Governing Body's to avoid annoyingmurmuring - after all impression management is everything)

    More information on telling your child is/isn't ready, please!

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