My story: pieces of me

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Mimilly - first welcomne to the board.

    Your story is tragic. Despite going through my own horror story it always saddens me when I read of another person's life who has been turned upside down and inside out by abuse.

    I learned there is strength inside that kept us going. I thought I was weak but let's face it - it takes strength to endure that kind of torture on a daily basis.

    That the borg forces people to stay in these familes just proves their blindness to dyfunction and abuse. Most abusers whether they are an individual or group cannot see the horrific damage abuse does to the victims.

    You survived. I'm sure some days life is still a struggle. Don't ever give up. Life is most definitely worth it.

    So are you.

    Aspire to inspire before you expire

  • one

    "but be true to yourselves. It's your lives, don't live them for someone else."

    Great conclusion

    "Aspire to inspire before you expire"
    You are doing it extraordinarialy, a living inspiration with a unique way of transmiiting the message.

  • graceabounds


    I admire you for all that you have been
    are a very emotionally resilliant person. I'm also
    saddened by everything you went through.
    I have learned the same thing that you had said,
    "Everything happens for a reason". Even the horrible
    stuff. It's obvious that your life experiences have
    made you a very strong person.


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