My fears of leaving. May or may not be hypothetical

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  • DS211

    Thanks wasblind

  • CADSkin

    I knew this couple. They needed the rudder. After leaving they are both back on drugs and their kids are living with grandparents. Very sad.

  • DS211

    Nice one CAD

  • wearewatchingyouman

    If it was me:

    I'd probably just play the game for a while. Maybe try to drop little questions to her that will make her think outside the box. I'd try to instill open mindedness and critical thinking skills in my kids. DO NOT allow them to get baptised before they turn 18. Try to stay as uninvolved in the congregation as possible without promptimg suspicions. Then when the kid's are gone break TTATT to wifey and see where it leads. Good luck.

  • DS211

    Thats a lot of imprisonment....but i have thought about it for the sake of my kids...i can control what they learn and read if im there all the time...but if i try to tell her the truth about the org and it backfires ive lost credibility in a great many things. If the elders convinced divorce i then have the added threat of another man possibly one day in the house with my daughters...which i dont think i can tolerate. Whi knows what hed be capable of.

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