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  • land walker
    land walker

    Hello everybody!

    I am in the middle of divorce. My soon-to-be exwife is a fully
    converted dedicated to her bones JW. The problem is with our 5 years old daughter. During the deposition my lawyer put my wife against the wall with a question: What is she going to do in case our daughter needs an emergency blood transfusion?
    She tried to get away with the typical: I'll ask for the best available medical care. He asked: What if the only best available IS a transfusion. She went: I'm not the only parent to make this decision (hinting that I'll be there and will allow it). My lawyer went further: What if your husband is not there at the moment?
    After a few more "best available", my wife cracked and said: I am not going to allow a blood transfusion.
    I was kind of glad that she confessed so the judge at the final hearing hopefully will give me the rights to make final decisions for our daughter in case om medical emergency. But on the other hand, it was SO scary to hear that.
    What if I am NOT going to be there?

    Anyway, I need help: Does anybody have the exact wording we can try to put in the final agreement on emergency medical situations so I will be the only one making decisions and if I am not there - the doctors will have to do all possible to save a child's life?

    Thanks in advance,

    Troubled by WT

  • Celia

    scary, indeed !
    have you visited Lee Elder's site ? Association JW Reform on Blood ?
    Click that name at the bottom of this page.
    or here :

  • clash_city_rockers

    Wow, that is not a good situation. Since you are the father I would incourage you to take charge as much as posible and make sure you protect the life of your daughter as much as posable.

    May I ask If you and your wife can ever reconsile, Just because she is a JW is no cause for abandonment. Now if you want me to stand down on that question because its a personal then thats cool.


  • Yerusalyim

    Find your own church and refuse to allow your ex to take your daughter to meetings. Better yet, sue for custody.

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