What is your weirdest field service experience ?

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  • cookiemaster

    Mine just popped in my head and I just had to share it. A few years ago I went with a special pioneer(and elder) at one of his studies who was a cow herder in the mountains. Obviously, even though we were going to the middle of nowhere, where no one lived, we just had to go all dressed up in nice suits and all. When we got there the dude wasn't home but his wife said he left for the forrest with the cows. There was no reception there so I figured we'd obviously go home.

    But no, the very zealous pioneer insisted we should look for him in the mountains because we might even get a good 10 minutes of studying with him. So we go, all dressed up with ties and suits and our service briefcases into the tick forrest, climbing rocky mountains, looking like two complete idiots. It was one of the most morronic and weird things I've ever done in my life. It was a damn hardcore mountain forrest and here you have two young men dressed up in suits and carrying briefcases just strolling along. If someone would have seen us, it would have been the weirdest thing ever. We get to a river and cross it in our nice shoes, and get completely wet. Nevertheless we continue on and on, through mud and with our clothes teared, for another two hours before he decides to give up. Honestly, half this time I just kept laughing at the stupidity of the situation. What about you ? Ever done something funny or weird during field service ?

  • Syme

    Well, if you're a special pioneer, you'd better run to the hills in suit, and even climb to mount Everest for a bible study, lest you want to risk falling behind the quota and getting a demotion from the Branch...

  • blondie

    I heard this one (really happened)

    2 female jws were at a door with a bad reputation....witches...wiccan

    A woman came to the door and said, "I'll take those magazines." (she had on a loose dress) She laid the magazines on the floor, squatted, pooped on the magazines, rolled them up and handed them back to the jws.............!

  • hamsterbait

    went to a door where a bearded chubby gay daddy was drooling over me. He asked us in, the (I now know) gay partner with me said yes, but I said I had to go...

    Who knows what would have unfolded if we had gone in. I am thinking "Dont ever wipe tears without gloves".


  • AlphaMan

    This story is true. I was told it by the woman herself. (pioneer who is mentally out, married to an elder)

    In the door to door work her and her pioneer partner ran into a guy she was attractived to. Later that afternoon she alone makes a return visit on the guy with the sole intent of having sex with him, which she does.

  • andysmiles

    I was with an older guy who couldn't hear the people were getting it on inside the appartment, they were pretty loud and the halls echoed, but but he was really hard of hearing... :/
    He kept knocking until they answered. The man inside answered with blankets wrapped around him and took the magazines!

    Or I was with another guy and this older lady was sitting on her couch naked and invited us in. We ran aways as fast as we could...

  • KateWild

    Someone I know, was on the field circus and the conversation stopper was "sorry I am too busy to talk, I have the baby in the oven". The brother didn't think to call the authorities he knew the householder was lying, tripped over their words to get rid of them.

    Kate xx

  • Wozwozza

    While working the Esplanade with a young sister at a beach side suburb we knocked on the door of a holiday home ,when from the property next door a man with crazy eyes and working overalls on came running toward us .

    He pulled out a large wooden cross with JC on it and yelled at us we 'were the seed of Satan ' and to get off the property ,I kindly pointed out that he did'nt live here and he had no right to throw us off ,which infuriated him even more .

    The poor girl was terrified as he was making threatening gestures with the cross and screaming by this time so we left - that was a close one

    Ah the joys of pioneering

  • 3rdgen

    Cookiemaster, 1st Welcome!! 2ond, if there were crocodiles in that river you crossed you should be in the yearbook. LOL

  • cookiemaster

    Wow, a lot of stories involving perverts, lol. The one with the baby in the oven and the man with the cross are funny as well.

    3rdgen Me in the yearbook would be hilarious as I've donne pretty much every single thing the JW's forbid, lol.

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