Sighhhhhhhh, the Draw Close to Jehovah book again for the Congregation Bible Study.

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  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    Check out this gem from the Dec 2013 KM which explains why it's good to over this book a second go round.

    "Congregations previously considered this book during 2004 and 2005. However,for many of the approximately two million publishers who have come into the truth since then,this will be the first time that Jehovah’s endearing qualities have been discussed in detail.For those who studied the book before, the review will help them to deepen their appreciation forJehovah’s attributes.—Ps.119:14"

    I gotta kick out of this because I can only think of maybe two or three new ones in our congregation who weren't present when this book was first studied. At the same time, going over Jehovah's qualities isn't something new. That quote from above makes it seem like we don't discuss Jehovah over and over again. Heck, we're called Jehovah's Witnesses for a reason. Not that it wasn't evident before, but I swear new ideas and material are pretty much vacant anymore. If we do the Revelation book in 2015..............

  • Comatose

    I feel for you. That was so boring as a born In. I didn't learn anything. Just review what almost every WT is about.

  • ldrnomo

    Many cults use repetition and word association . What the mind hears the most it believes.



    ....................Whats for Dinner in WatchTower World??!!..


    Leftovers from 2004..Served in 2013..................Try not to Throw Up..


    .............................................................................. photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Have you switched teams? I was MIA for a bit.

  • snare&racket

    2 million increase...... Whatever....

    the kids got baptised, thats all... so they were there first time round and THANK FECK i left that boring crap behind.

    7 years of no meetings and I don't feel a shred of loss or missing out, they offer nothing but thin air and if anything take from your soul (not the woo kind) not nourish it.

  • watson

    Hey! They're something to do...

  • BizzyBee

    this will be the first time that Jehovah’s endearing qualities have been discussed in detail.

    Oh, I'd like to see that. Jehovah, the OT god of petty, bloody violence. Endearing.....not so much.

  • BizzyBee

    THANK FECK i left that boring crap behind.

    7 years of no meetings and I don't feel a shred of loss or missing out, they offer nothing but thin air and if anything take from your soul (not the woo kind) not nourish it.

    Oh, c'mon.....tell us how you really feel........don't hold back, now......

    smackers, snare

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Two million? Yeah right, that means there was only 5.5 million JWs in 2004, which means that in the last 9 years there has been over a 33% increase. Yeah bloody right.

  • snare&racket

    Big wet smacker back bizzy bee xxx

    It frustrates me to think of ALL those hours wasted. I was doing work for my degree one sunday afternoon, reading over some cardiology. I was at my sisters, a JW. I noticed the Sunday study watchtower and had a look, it was talking about who wrote the bible and t it postulated that angels could not write the bible as they had no human emotions... my mind first went to 'but angels were attracted to women before the flood and they interact with human like qualities throughout the bible, that is a nonsense point' then it dawned on me.... What a bloody waste of time, I felt like telling myself to shut the F up! the irony of studying cardiology whilst JW's debated why angels couldnt write the bible, hit me hard, what a waste of all those hours, days, years, discussing and studying regurgitated nonsense, spouted out by 8 window cleaners in Brooklyn and their pet writing department...

    What utter insignificant bullsh*t !

    Ok so back to managing atrial fibrillation, we have electronic or medical cardioversion.....

    p.s. WATSON.... Buy a kite

  • tec

    If we do the Revelation book in 2015..............

    The revelation book is the straw that broke the camel's back for me... well, something in it that I had previously missed when reading it, that is. I ended my bible study and started a personal study; never went back. Felt a lot of guilt and fear at first... but that was temporary.

    Peace to you!


  • frankiespeakin

    They must be running out of ideas for a new book, especially when cognitive dissonance is being experienced by so many in the writting over repeated failed predictions and the dictatorial nature of the Faithful Slave /Governing Body.

    I bet a lot of those guys are running out of things to say because the party line is so confining and no doubt laying off perhaps a lot of these guys when it got too expencive to have them around Bethel.

    Don't ever expect anything spectacular ever from these dead in their head for ideas old farts still hanging on to life writters at bethel they got a dead end job and they know it.

  • Crazyguy

    What an increase what bull, was just on jwfacts tonight about the growth and for every two that gets baptised 1 quits and 60% of all born ins quit too. This religion is definitely past its expiration date. If they did not have kids there would be no growth and thats also where they get all the attendence numbers for the memorial count the kids.

  • factfinder

    Julia- there were 6.5 million publishers in 2004!

    frankiespeaken- I agree, they are not creative enough to keep coming out with new books like they did years ago before this new gb was around.

    Also, I think they are trying to cut back on book production.


    The 2007 'book study' that used the tired old Revelation book was my final straw as well. I recall telling one of the older women in the congregation, at the regular KH meeting: 'I've just decided I'm too old to fill my head with useless information from that book.'. I think that might have been my last meeting, come to think of it.

  • factfinder

    sfpw- imagine if they DO study the Revelation book again after the Draw Close book, and after that the Jeremiah book again!

    How incredibly boring! I remember when we used to get 2 new books each year, and we used a variety of books in the door to door campagns. Not any more! This new gb wants to cut way back on book production!

    Wallkill printed over 28 million books in 2008 but only 17 million last year.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    They couldn't do the Revelation book again without practically rewriting it because's riddled with patches of old light. I guess they'll just keep rehashing the same old garbage again and again. My money is on doing Isaiah again. Even when I was a JW I hated that book. Told no one of course. Every bloody week it was the same: Jews are bad. Jehovah warns Jews. Jehovah punishes Jews. Jehovah frees Jews. Be obedient. Bleh!

  • 2+2=5

    What do you expect? A new 174 page book detailing how the octopope is now the F&DS?

    It doesn't matter what meeting, convention or 'special' talk it is, it is always the same crap.

    Reheat it. Stir it. Serve it.

  • Jen1

    NO! I threw out a load of books last week just kept the basics! Now I am going to have to get through that gang of teenagers that surround the literature counter to get one, to find they have run out I expect! (Trendy bro behind the counters a magnet for all the teenagers)

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