The ONLY basis for power and control is the parable of "the faithful and discreet slave" ??

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  • sir82

    They also use Hebrews 13:17, "be obedient to those taking the lead among you" which of course they apply to themselves.

    But yeah, scriptures backing up their point, even after being fully twisted & misconstrued,are pretty scarce.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Their real basis of power & control is that they have the ability to force all of your JW family and friends to shun you if you cross them. It's part of their method of information control. If you say anything wrong (apostate ideas), you may find yourself before a JW firing squad.


  • Phizzy

    DoC, you have hit the nail on the head, as you so often do.

    That is why as many of us who can, in any way we can, need to attack the Shunning policy.

    It itself is built upon sand, nowhere in Scripture did Jesus shun anybody, and the verses they use do not advocate shunning, yes, "remove the wicked man from amongst you" or whatever the phrase is, and if someone is practicing what really is a gross sin and is not repentant, then fair enough. (Maybe).

    But acting as though that person were dead ? where is that in Scripture ?

    The G.B are self-appointed buffoons who do not grasp what is Parable and what is Prophecy, but their power is the fear they engender, fear that is often groundless I may add, many who thought they would be shunned by family, me included, are not.

  • freemindfade
    Hoser is right. No matter what the majority need someone telling them what to do. Even if the ideas are so fantastic they are crazy. Or the person telling them what to do is obviously corrupt. Reality us too much for most. Don't forget that.
  • Clambake

    I had a discussion with an Elder one time about sincerity or lack of it and how do I know you really mean what you are saying or are you just towing the party line. So he gave this song and dance about how some religions feel the slave is this and that and we feel we are not in a position to question to god.

    I then said maybe the confusion would be cleared up if you learned the difference between a bible prophecy and a bible parable.

    He said nothing after.

    It is really shocking all the bamboozle really comes down to that.

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