Transfusion Experience from France

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I'd say it's just another JW urban myth. Maybe there is some truth in it, like a child did have EPO, but these stories grow with the telling.

  • laverite

    Cher/chère Bells,

    These kinds of emails are distributed amongst JWs all the time. Most of them are impossible to verify as true from my experience. The JWs eat them up and accept them as true at face value (if it's something they want to believe).

    Bon courage,

    - La Vérité

  • BluesBrother

    A quick google shows that this e mail has indeed been going the rounds since at least 2009 . It may well be true. If so all well and good, nobody wants a child to die. I have known experiences, in my own family and others from personal knowledge , when dubs have defied doctors and still made an unexpected recovery.

    In respect of the original poster's experience though, one may ask "So what?" The fact that in the twentyfirst century doctors can save some patients without blood is irrelevant to the circumstances when their experience occurred, presumably decades ago.

    The Witness stand on this is supposed to be a "spiritual one" irrespective of the outcome in this life. Even if there is no other treatment, they still "abstain from blood" as a matter of principle

  • trujw

    This is from a group of people that believed smurf stuffed animals can walk and talk. I know my mom was a believer and thrown mine out in the 80's.

  • chasson

    Oh yeah, this urban jw legend again. Unfortunatelly, the Toulouse Hospital was one of the last to use EPO in France, as Charlotte Casper, a hospital spokeman, has told me by mail, when i inquired about this urban legend:

  • konceptual99

    Is this urban legend still doing the rounds?

  • GoneAwol

    My wife is a phlebotomist and trauma nurse with the NHS NortEast trust, and can say without exception that when JW's say that they have had a hand in pushing bloodless medicine in mainstream treatment is utter bollocks.

    The only reason that bloodless treatments are available is because of the huge lack of blood donors. These treatments were originaly developed for ease of use and transportation in the battlefield. The NHS found that they could also be used to shore up stocks of blood by using them in less severe cases, and also save money because of huge costs involved with live blood.

    In her opinion, the JWs just jumped at the chance to use them (que the "wot a wonderful provision from jah"bollocks) as it meant they would be sued less.

    As an aside, please please please, if you have never donated blood before for whatever reason, please reconsider. It is the best single humanitarian act you can do. If you have a rare blood group, even better. The blood can be made into life saving drugs as well as for transfusion. You could end up saving not just one life, but hundreds.


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