COC & ISOCF - (for believers) -what DON'T you agree with raymondo about?

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  • Captain Blithering
    Captain Blithering

    True dat BAND ON THE RUN. Christian ideals are fab whether you believe in a higher being or not. And by ideals, I mean pretty much the golden rule, to live as you would have others live. To treat others as you would be treated.. Ray goes on about the STRUCTURE of the organisation, the regimented lifestyle, the rules written and unwritten... I agree with pretty much everything he says about that. Still reading......

  • KateWild

    the rules written and unwritten-CB

    Unwritten rules are the problem in society today. In religious organisations and the work environment. There is nepotism and favouritsm everywhere, and for us guys on the spectrum, unwritten rules are not logical compared to the written rules.

    So although I believe in God, I have decided to steer clear of religious organisations. Building a new circle of friends locally is challenging. But I don't feel safe enough to enter, a Church, Synagogue or Mosque.

    I am looking forward to your next update CB

    Thanks Kate xx

  • Ding

    I was surprised that after he left the WT, Ray seemed comfortable with not knowing or caring exactly who Jesus is.

    He still believed that Jesus is "God's Son" but didn't want to get into discussions of whether he is God or merely like God.

    Perhaps he had his own firm opinion on that but simply wanted to avoid revealing it.

    There are things in his writings that suggest a couple of reasons for non-disclosure:

    (1) He wanted to avoid further wrangling and discord over specific doctrines, having had enough of that from the WT.

    (2) He wanted XJWs to think for themselves rather than substituting Ray Franz for the GB as someone to do their thinking for them.

  • Paralipomenon

    My personal feelings are that while the books were not written with malice, it is clear that he would have never written them if

    1) They didn't disfellowship him

    2) They honored the deal to give him copies of the meetings per agreement.

    Otherwise it seemed that he was content remaining a "company man" until they stabbed him in the back. While it was to his misfortune at the time, I'm glad it happened as he provided a glimpse into what happens behind closed doors that otherwise would have remained only speculation.

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