I'm tired of atheist vs theist, let's some god-on-god action!

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  • marmot

    I've noticed that whenever there's a discussion about god or belief on this forum it's invariably the Christian god that gets center attention. Why does yahweh get a free pass and all the other other gods get short shrift?

    Surely the monotheistic tradition is just as silly as any number of deities out there, I want to see some deist bashing coming from other deists to liven things up a bit.

    Why should I believe in the god of the bible that made a man out of clay and let a talking snake convince the first woman to eat forbidden fruit over other equally ludicrous creation myths? Seriously, what are the arguments?

  • OnTheWayOut

    There just are not too many people worshipping the Greek/Roman gods anymore, nor Ceasar or some Emperor or Pharoah. I suppose we could discuss Dalia Lama or Buddha (although they are really not in the same category).

    I like the idea of a different level of reality which is the source of every "soul" (or human vital essence) in this physical reality to which level each soul may return. But that still leaves open the idea that Yahweh is "The One" within that different reality.

    I am dabbling with the very serious idea that, while belief in the mystical "Messiah" was spreading, Rome perverted the idea after conquering the Jews to pretty much "invent" the pacifist Jesus Christ out of existing Jewish thoughts on the messiah. This was done in order to end their thoughts of a warrior messiah that taught rebellion and convince them to allow cooperation with Rome since their messiah's kingdom is "not of this world."

    What's awesome about that, beside the very real possibility that it is true, is that it is the ultimate slap in the face to those that are religious Christians or even mystical Christians that "hear" from Jesus. They are worshipping or hearing from a total fake.

  • DeWandelaar

    A deist looks further then a bible, koran or other "holy" book... I believe there is "something"/"someone" ... but it does not mean he is stirring in our events. He probably created everything and it should work according to certain predefined laws. The laws of nature are good enough... it is people fucking it up that makes for chaos. But the earth will eventually puke us out and will continu to stay. That is how I see it


    OnTheWayOut There just are not too many people worshipping the Greek/Roman gods anymore, nor Ceasar or some Emperor or Pharoah.

    This is true, but the lonleyness will not deture me.

    Hail Caesar!

  • Vidiot

    marmot - "...let's some god-on-god action!"

    Just read Greek myths; there's some seriously freaky god-on-god action throughout.

  • prologos

    the norse gods too. Goetterdaemmerung. Wotan, Thor, Loki, the Valkyrie. its written in the Runen.

    bring 'em on.

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