Watch out! The lactose intolerance policy May be coming

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  • FatherFirst

    When I was a teen I had back surgery that could have easily gone bad because of the no blood policy, so it's always been of particular intrest to me. I was just thinking to myself, not only do human mothers have white blood cells in their breast milk but so does nearly every other mammal On our planet. So that would mean for one, god "intelligently designed" us, and every other mammal to literally feed on our mothers blood in the beginning of life for sustenance, only to make the use of blood sinful when it comes to saving not just sustaining our life later on. But also, a regular gallon of cow milk at your local grocery store has a SSC [white cell count] of around 1,000,000 per milliliter. So every time a witness sits down at their kitchen table and has some milk with their cereal, whether they realize it or not, according to their society they are sinning against god! Just some food for thought

  • Syme

    Can you please provide a link where the blood cell percentage appears?

    (because I can't find it in Wikipedia :))


  • Vidiot

    Hemopure - made from (fractions of) cow's blood.

    Dairyland milk products - now known to contain (fractions of) cow's blood!


    I guess eating your cereal dry will become a "conscience matter"?

  • FatherFirst
    To be fair it's Somatic cell count [SSC] which in milk are primarily Leukocytes or white blood cells. I took my figure from the Quoted and bulleted list under "as defined by the state of Indiana administrative code, grade A milk shall meet the following standards." here: granted the figure isn't exact and may vary from state to state, but the point still remains that all milk whether human breast milk, or the milk from the grocery store around the corner has white blood cells in it. And according to the society witness are required to abstain from the four primary blood components—[red cells, white cells, plasma, and platelets]
  • Crazyguy
    My wife nursed all our children she's surely going to hell for this.
  • Syme

    Thanks, @FatherFirst! Very interesting!

    Apparently, the percentage of white blood cells in the milk is ~100,000 per ml. This is about 100 times below the average percentage in the blood, but still is a significant amount.

    We have a case here, indeed!

  • WTWizard

    And, after milk, comes meat. Blood always remains in the meat once it is bled, because it is impossible to bleed it 100% before some of the blood clots. And I suppose they will go after eggs since it is possible for blood to appear there, too.

    Now, once they push a vegan diet, it makes sense that everyone abandon the religion for that. A vegan diet is not for most people. Most of us need at least some animal proteins, and certain factors contained therein. You might, for instance, get ample vitamin B12 in certain types of supplements--spirulina contains this vitamin. But, without the co-factors found only within meat or animal products, this is not getting absorbed and is worthless. Yet, all animal products contain at least trace amounts of blood or the potential to contain at least trace amounts of blood.

    About the only people that I would advocate a vegan diet are those who have medical conditions that are treated with such a diet, or those who willfully and purposely abuse animals. "Farmers" that needlessly beat cows and pigs, throw them to the ground, or that otherwise deliberately abuse animals should follow such a vegan diet as punishment. As should the managers of "farms" that set policies that encourage or mandate such abuse--tiny battery cages and gestation crates are examples. And any lawmakers that pass "Ag-Gag" laws that protect these "farms" from people snitching on them. Everyone else should consume some animal products. And soy "meat" does not count.

  • cantleave
    Adds a new significance to "a land flowing with milk and honey"

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