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  • orangefatcat1951

    Hi eveyone, It has been a longtime since I have stopped in to catch up on news and see how things have change. For those of you who don't know me I have been on and off the board for 11 years. I have over 3,500 posts under the name orangefatcat, in the members list. But my I couldn't remember my password and my email url had changed so I wasn't able to have it emailed me to thus I had to start all over doh!!!! I see lots of new ones and still many of the older ones. I think maybe one of the pastings I made was that I was in seminarian studies to become a preist and that stilll holds true.

    Last night while on face book someone posted an article he had written about his horrendous expereince as a Bethelite in Niciaragua. IS THERE NO SPELL CHECK HERE? Anyway it was a heart wrenching story and it made me so angry that he had to live like this and know what he did. Thankfully he is out but the horrors fo his exprerinces still linger heavily upon him. I just wanted to let him know that I really care about the ordeals and horrors he witnessed while in Bethel and working in the serivce Department. Talk about shoving things under the table and the lies it made me sick to my stomach. It re iterates to me my resolve to keep telling everyone I know about the dangers of this cult and what it does to the people it professes to love.

    So again Hello everyone.

    Terry aka Oranngefatcat.

  • cofty

    Hi, welcome back Terry from Bill

  • orangefatcat1951

    Hi Bill long time no talk to how are you and nice to see your still here.




    Hey FatCat!..

    Welcome back!..

    ............................ photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • BizzyBee

    Welcome back. Glad to see you agin.

  • belbab

    Hi Orange Fat Cat,

    I remember you. Welcome back.

    I too was outraged at the events taking place in Nicaragua as portrayed by BLue Pill 2.

    My intention is not to let it fade away into the unfathomable archives of forgetfulness.

    Watchtower must be held accountable.


  • orangefatcat1951
  • orangefatcat1951

    Thank Out law, belbab, yes that was sick and yes it was Blue Phil 2 his name escaped me as I was just glued to everything he wrote and was just so sick I wanted to just throw up, wow the WTS' GB has a hell of alot to answer for. They have the gall to say whatever they want about all other religions yet they hide everything about themselves making them seem like they are fresh smelling roses. What hypocrites liar, they are worse then any other religion becasue they only know how to live by lies.

    Bizzy Bee thanks good to be back. Need to vent for a while I guess.

    I was trying to put up my old Avatar pic but heck I can figure out just how to insert it so others can see how zany I use to look. lol

    Peace to all of you. Flashers on, bells and whistles sounding I am raring to go.!!!!

  • Oubliette

    orangefatcat1951: Last night while on face book someone posted an article he had written about his horrendaus expereince as a Bethelite in Niciaragua.

    Welcome back!

    BluePill2 posted that story here:

  • clarity

    Hi Orangefatcat I remember you! How is your life outside

    of the cult?


    I didn't come on here until Aug 2010... but so many who

    were on here then have moved on!

    I have been noticeing that many, like yourself, are showing up

    lately and really it is a shot in the arm, so thanks for being here,

    tell us some of the "old" stories why don't you.



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