What a beautiful setting for ignorance! - Play my 20 questions type game.

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  • tornapart

    Well done Cofty!!

  • cofty

    Good game Nic!

    Might start a trend.

  • blondie

    I'm more familiar with the US and Canada and Germany.

    In days gone buy jws used "testimony cards" which had a "kingdom message" printed on it. No need to know anything really just have the person at the door read it and then offer a publication. The WTS wanted to be sure the message was uniform. No personal flights of fancy.

    The tracts are being used the same way except not waiting for the person to read it. More dumbing down.

    My grandparents said that many times people at the door thought the jws were deaf and that is why they used the card. Don't kid yourself in this quote from the Proclaimers book, this card was mostly used with people who spoke the same language as the jw.

    *** jv chap. 25 p. 564 Preaching Publicly and From House to House ***

    Testimony Cards and Phonographs

    Late in 1933 a different method of preaching was begun. By way of introduction, the Witnesses handed people a testimony card that had a brief message for the householder to read. This was especially of great help to new publishers, who did not receive much training in those days. Generally, they made only a few brief remarks to the householder after the card had been read; some spoke at greater length, using the Bible. The use of testimony cards continued well into the 1940’s. It allowed for rapid coverage of territory, and it enabled Witnesses to reach more people, get much valuable Bible literature into their hands, give a uniform witness, and even present the message to people whose language they could not speak.

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