A question for those who left due to ill treatment and abuse from the WT and its cronies

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  • LucidChimp

    I'm glad that I had biblical doubts - which led me in turn to TTATT. Happified in fact.

    For those of you who escaped the WT because of abuse or malice on the part of people in your congregations: are you glad? (Obviously not glad for the abuse itself)

    [Trying to write this post has me wondering if this is a stupid question, or if I'm just too stupid to phrase it well]

  • KateWild

    LC, good question and well phrased. Simple and to the point.

    I know you have listened to my recording of my JC, thank you.

    The injustice we ecountered caused lots of congnitive dissonance, in my family and loved ones. If it were not for this we would have been trapped for many generations, like many others before the biblical doubts set in. Better for me to rip the band aid off quick. So for my personality I feel it was a good way to expose WT, quickly for us. Just one non-overlapping generation.

    Kate xx

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Hi Lucid..

    A good question...

    My answer...from personal exsperience, the elders like to have someone to bully...and it was always the weak one...

    Funny some of these elders were kind and loving....but they needed a " target" to bully....

  • thomasaquinas

    This symptom noted above is representative of an organization which is man controlled rather than Christ controlled* and that is what first awoke me. A light bulb went off finally after almost 50 years of abuse as to why things are, the way they are. Then as I researched and studied History, biblical semantics, ancient relics and architecture I realized that the Bible was not as reliable as I had thought and in fact represented men mostly. See some of Ann Omaly's posts and Doug Mason's posts. I am not sure if there are any beings up there that direct anything*, but I do know that to try to think and act like Christ will get you a lot of grief, and particularly if you are an Elder who really cares about people and what is written in the scriptures about love and consideration. It is a works based business and run as a corporation first with little thought to the real needs of people. It is shrouded in secrecy from the top down and the lowest in the pyramid scheme are the ones who usually are the kindest and most self sacrificing rather than the other way around. If you believe in the whole "Christianity thing" this may well be a Demon Controlled Organization for misrepresenting God's name. Mic. drops and I walk off stage............lol

  • eyeuse2badub

    All JW's are abused by the WTBTS. If we have been ill-treated or abused by 'people' in the org, it's because of the way the 'people' were trained or conditioned by the WTBTS. We have all been mentally manipulated and 'dumbed down' for decades. Being kept in constant fear of the big A and the constant guilt of not doing enough. We have been intellectually insulted with the WTBTS's screwy explainations and interpretations. We have been placed in danger due to their stupid medical restrictions. But---we have allowed ourselves to be in this position. so now is the time to get the hell out.


  • wasblind

    Hello LC,

    If I had to point to anything that was unjust, it would be

    The Elders who ecouraged other teens from the podium to forego higher education to become regular pioneers

    while at the same time allowin' thier own teens to go directly to a university or college

    while they only do auxillary



    Kingdom first my foot . School schedual comes first for these Elders kids, then all other things around that





  • flipper

    LUCIDCHIMP- Good question. Well, yes I'm very glad that being victimized and treated harshly by elders who I thought had my best interests at heart- finally opened up my eyes to their injustices and ill treatment of not only me- but others I knew as well. It caused me to stop making excuses for elders boorish conduct. It wasn' tdue to their " imperfections " that they did such things- it was due to their idiotic mind controlled training by the WT Society and putting forth of their own personal egotistical opinions to JW's as alleged " counsel ". No way in hell did any of them ever have " holy spirit " and none were ever appointed by the alleged " holy spirit ".

    These last 10 years away from the JW organization have been the happiest and most fulfilling years of my life. One poster stated he thinks elders attack the " weak " ones in congregations. I beg to differ. I think they put on their radar independent thinking individual JW's who voice their opinions because they see us as some sort of a threat - that we may influence other JW's to start thinking with their own minds, and they cannot afford that or allow it as per WT Society instructions. So elders are actually scared of stronger, more opinionated personalities who are considered independent in nature ( such as I was in the congregation ) and perceived us as a threat to others considering us allegedly " rebellious " so in time they hassled us more and in reality- it just caused many of us to open our minds up more to the TTATT. Kind of how I experienced things anyway. Glad I'm out, and I'm glad others here are out as well. Thankfully we have freedom of mind and peace now

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    Get away from ambient abuse. It will make you crazy over time.

  • LucidChimp

    Curiosity killed the cat and all that jazz.

    Ta for the replies folks (kate and flipper: gz for not being sidetracked by my awful phrasing, youz makeing i feel not more dummerer)

  • LongHairGal


    Your question is not stupid. Most people leave the JW religion either over doctrine OR mistreatment.

    If a person is disfellowshipped and decides NOT to seek reinstatement, one of these reasons (maybe both), have played a part. Since a DFd person has a lot of time on their hands, they may do a lot of research or take college classes. They may reconnect with blood relatives and non-JW friends. They wake up and realize they were in a self-imposed prison in the JW religion and wasting their precious time and lives!

    I am a "walkaway" and my reason for leaving was a combination of their bad attitudes plus that they deceived people. I could not continue. The 1995 changed teaching on "Generation" did it for me.

    Am I glad it's over? You bet I am.

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