Alzheimer's hallucinations are demons?

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  • KateWild

    It's not just her, there are others in her circle who feel the same way and agree with her when she talks about it.- Once Blind

    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some JWs are. They don't even read their own litterature on the topic. The strong personalities determine and shape the congregation, no matter how dumb and not in line with the WT their idea's are.

    You are a good son, be there for them.

    I am staring in amazement

    Love Kate xx

  • Legacy


    A friend of mine was raised a JW. Not sure if she was ever baptized. Anyway, her Mom ended up with Alzheimer's, she eventually had to go into a nursing home. My friend educated herself about it & was able to deal with her Mom. If we are sick because of sin, most of us would be lame & halt. Many years ago, folks were put in jail for being an alcoholic, not they treat it as a disease...You know when you can tell folks have demons in them, when they are down right mean & say mean things to folks, shun their family (just because they don't worship the way they do..sound familiar).....

    My Mom has demintia...she remembers then's like she has all the files in her head but they are scattered all over the place. One thing my mom where the candy is, she doesn't remember to take her pills or that she can no longer drive, etc. I try not to argue with her when she forgets, it's a waste of precious time, neither one of us know how much longer we have, no sense in always correcting her...

    Listen to your heart...Be There for her, get educated about this disease. Many of the witnesses are sick because they are uptight, trying to live like Jesus & there is only one Jesus & he was perfect. We can only strive to be a better person than the day before. I think most of them were chronic complainer before they got there. For some it may be a cry for help. Not talking about your Mom, this is serious, but they have hip, leg problems, how so, since they are out & about all the time, they should be healthier than most, out in the fresh air walking. I'm just saying. The hall or any place of worship may bring you peace, Rely on God & your God given sense.


  • wallsofjericho

    "well he never sees hallucinations when he is at the Kingdom Hall!"

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