We are in God's "image" but God's morality is repugnant

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  • Watkins

    Such ancient written accounts are nothing but the self-serving inventions of Israelites priests to frighten the populace into subservience and submission, in the same way that churches and evangelists today preach scare-mongering nonsense that you will be tormented forever in a hot fiery hell if you don't repent. They should all one and the same be rejected for what they are: morally disgusting lies.

    Couldn't agree more, yadda yadda. So many profitable religions are based on controlling with FEAR.

    There is no fear... in love.


  • tec

    Man is not the image of God. You cannot look at man, and see/know God. There is only One who IS the Image of God, and that is Christ.

    But yes, plenty... throughout history and also today... tell terrible lies about God, and call those lies truth.

    Looking at Christ can reveal this.

    (the huge gap in your writing is only there because of the ad next to it; which isnt' there when you tried to edit it out. I learned that from one of my op's, that did the same)



  • Rattigan350

    I'm just commenting on the definitions of the words used.

    Morals are not a fixed concept, it changes from time to time, place to place, people to people. That is why laws based on morality are unconstitutional.

    God has no morality.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    AND YET....we find in the Old Testament that God performs or endorses the most morally repugnant acts, such as ethnic cleansing, killing infants and children, causing famines and plagues, drowning the entire human population except eight persons, etc, etc - all actions that any reasonable and objectively sane person naturally finds morally incomprehensible, disgusting, evil.

    Has it occurred to you that you might not be aware of all the angles? I’m not saying this in a negative way, but if there is a God, then he knows all things and is, in fact, incapable of doing evil, being perfect, just, compassionate and the author of our salvation.

    God, physically, is in the shape of a man. We are his children and we look like him. How do we know this? John says that Jesus is in the “express image” of the Father. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Yahweh is the Father; however, the early Christians believed that Jesus was, and is, Yahweh. When he was resurrected, he had a physical, glorified body of flesh and bone. He wasn’t a spirit and took great pains to point that out to the apostles, going so far as to eat fish and drink wine. But the scriptures state that Adam was in the image and likeness of God, and that Seth was in the image and likeness of Adam.

    As to God’s characteristics, he has the benefit of knowing all things. Before the earth was formed, he knew that Adam and Eve would fall. And when the Israelites were sojourning in the wilderness, the Lord fully knew the wickedness of the Canaanites. These guys that the Lord ordered the Israelites to destroy were not just settlers in the land; they were worshipers of Molech. They engaged in the most debauched sexual passages and caused their children to pass through the fires of Molech. Thus, to the beating of loud drums, they placed infants into the fires to be sacrificed alive. And the thing is, the Lord never destroyed a people without first warning them.

    The Lord never acted in a capricious or and unjust way because he’s perfect and he knows all things from the beginning. I think you’re standing in judgment of God either because you don’t believe in him or because you don’t understand all the inputs that he knows of. In an apocryphal book, the Lord shows Enoch the coming flood and at first Enoch is horrified. But when the Lord showed him the wickedness they were involved in, Enoch changed his mind because he then saw things from the Lord’s vantage. And finally, the Lord views death quite differently than we do. The Watchtower crowd believes that death is a cessation of existence; however, I don’t believe this is the case. If both men and animals have spirits, then death is only a change of scenery.

    In short, you see things from a very limited, superficial vantage point. The Lord sees everything from the beginning.

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