Advice on field service needed.

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  • ruderedhead

    Obviously I'm not/never was an elder, but I agree with Kate. Somethings not right .Did they lose anyone else's?

    Ask him to make sure he does not delete the texts. He can tell them what he thinks he did, but that he doesn't want to make up something so important. Do not put it in writing.He already did that once. Should they give him any guff for it during the co visit, he should show the co the text msgs stating that THEY lost his time slips.

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    You can't fix stupid.


    Yeah, he turned in a FS report for every month. The Eldumb in charge is notorious for losing everything. It's just the principle of the thing. They haul him in the back room and eventually accuse him of apostasy, involve the CO, take all his privileges away for saying,among other things, that the 10 rule was unscriptural. Then they lose his FS reports for months and need them asap for the CO visit.

    So with the records lost, is he supposed to make up a sacred field service report?!?! Wouldn't that be dishonest? Isn't service time too important to fake? It's a measure of your spirituality after all..

    @ Kate, Make sure you are wearing a head-covering when you give advice!! LOL!!!!!


  • jgnat

    He doesn't want to be a MS. It's not his job to fix their mess-up. He could pencil in five slips with zero hours on them.

  • KateWild

    The Eldumb in charge is notorious for losing everything.-DD

    This is even better. OK I have my head covering on LOL!. Even if your friend does remember what he reported. He should tell them he's forgotten. Just like jgnat said, he shouldn't be fixing their messes.

    The stupid cong rule of 10hr/month for a year is the reason why there are no competent men taking the lead who don't lose stuff. The CO needs to see the issue of the BOE being too controlling and then develop doubts about the org. CO's have in the past.

    Kate xx

  • LostGeneration

    He can throw the elder under the bus. Dont give them a thing. Simply refer back to the already turned in slips and say he doesn't keep his records after the month is over. He can say "I would be extremely uncomfortable making up numbers that would surely be inaccurate. My last discussion with the body on reporting service time made this clear to me"

  • redvip2000

    Trying to fade while telling the Eldumbs that they make up unscriptural rules for appointing Brothers in the KH, is usually not a good plan. When you are trying to fade, you usually want to call the least attention to yourself as possible.

    In any case, i remember a good friend of mine was appointed as an MS despite his hours not hitting the 10 hour mark. He usually had between 4 - 8 hours a month. So he served for a few months, BUT when the CO visited the congregation and went through the reports and noticed his below average hours, he removed him... and told him that he would need to bring up his hours to be re-appointed again.

  • DesirousOfChange

    So would just make something up to appease them? Is that better if your goal is to fade?

    Def make up something -- no more than 5 hours/month -- unless he has family study with minor kids, then bump it a few higher, but STAY under the 10 HOUR QUOTA.

    A 5 hour average will allowhim to step down from MS.

    He can fade much easier if they're not breathing down his throat every month looking for FS slip.

    Start by missing every 3rd month, with lower hours the other 2 months, and missing meetings.

    Then missing every other month of FS, and 1/2 the meetings.

    Depression. Exhaustion. Etc NOTHING DOCTRINAL!!


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