“Can it be delayed until 1914?”

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I am a liar because I provide a direct quote from Russell? I can see that you are being facetious, that you are actually calling CTR a liar.

    Today's historians see a significance with the Great War. Today's WTS copies these secular sources because it suits their reinterpretation of 1914.

    CTR expected 1914 would see the end of man's rule, with the outbreak of peace under the Zionists.

    Have a alook at: http://www.jwstudies.com/Changed_MD_and_SS_words.pdf


  • krejames

    Someone I know posted a copy of that article on their facebook page, but without any comment. This was the response from a JW:

    "Wow, that's amazing! Where did you get that? I really liked what they said in the WT a couple of weeks ago about this: "For instance, in the year 1914, some thought that their being taken to heaven was imminent. When their hopes were not immediately realized, an earnest reexamination of the Scriptures brought into focus that a great preaching campaign lay ahead." How easy it would have been for them to get discouraged, sit around moaning, or even leave the truth, but instead they went back to the Bible and examined it to see what was going to happen next and then took up the preaching work. Really wonderful. I find it so hard to be like that if I'm disappointed about something! Good example!"

  • TheOldHippie

    Doug Doug Doug, I was trying to make a joke! :-)

    Please please, obviously I failed in maing you understand that it was meant as one.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Dear Old Hippie,

    Not a problem, my friend.

    My eye was firmly fixed on any lurkers who might have misconstrued our repartee.

    It is my practise to make the most of every opportunity to pass messages on to them, and you provided me with a great opportunity.

    Thank you for enabling our joint message to be put to them.

    (Ancient) Doug

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