Had a walking match with two Mormons today lol

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  • outinthemeadows

    And I thought witnesses were bad......

    I was walking home in rather a rush and two mormons were in front of me. Suddenly one of them turned around and approached me with their book of Mormon aka dodgy bible. He was from Germany and spoke surprisingly good english. Anyhow, I have to laugh because the quicker I walked, the quicker he walked with his presentation. It kind of got to be the 100 metre sprint towards the end when he eventually gave up.

    Sorry, a little off topic being a site dedicated to Jehovah's Witnesses, but I wanted to share the amusement.....

  • jwfacts

    I remember chasing people down the street when street witnessing.

    Them: I'm in a rush

    me: that's fine, Ill walk with you

    I now know how annoying it is when people do it soliciting for charities.

  • prologos

    I guess his magic underwear slowed him down?

    I liked the mormons, gave them rides home from their rural routes.

    They are like JWs with their doctrinal knowledge, do not want to admit their belief in North America being settled by the ten lost tribes of israel, and Gal 1:7.

    Comments on PBS: Thinkers are our greatest threat.

    In these parts they do not use athelics, they use the public library for leads.

  • skeeter1

    Did you see the article about the Mormon sympathizing with Tom Cruise over Katie Holme's bashing his religion?

  • caroline77

    The JWs around here walk very slowly between houses. I have never seen people so dedicated to the job walk so slowly.

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