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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Pages 1766-1767 of the 2013 NWT states that the “Message of the Bible” is God’s Right to Rule.

    Given that the WTS declares that God’s Kingdom Rule began in 1914, one would suspect that this would feature. Instead, there is a vague reference to something that supposedly happened “about 1914”.

    Here's the picture:


  • bruh2012

    Good catch !!! As usual with updated/reprinted materials they did the "slide one in on us" !!!

    Let's see if there will be an upcoming WT explaining "new light" on the "ABOUT 1914".

  • designs

    I believe in talking snakes

  • Oubliette

    Yeah, how about 1914?

  • anonymouz

    Yes, according to JWs rules, the month October was the significant part of 1914 for the end of the "appointed times", thus "about 1914" is in reference to the latter part of 1914. In JW rules WW1 sort of sanwhiched the 1914-1918 42 month period of Rev11:2-3 (Dan7:25; 12:7) by 5 months on each side approximate. But the "appointed times of the nations" began a couple months before that December 1914 marker of the 42 months, a little after the commencement of WW1. So the end of the "appointed times" does not exactly correspond to the start of the 42 months in JW rules.

    Just a side note of why they may term it approximate. The timing of 42 months had to be determined after the fact. The dating of October 1914 was calculated before 1914. It's significance was adjusted later, as was the significance of the League of Nations manifestation first explained later. In those days, unlike the 3rd UN manifestation of 1990, which JWs took part in "placing" but make no mention as to Biblical significance (Dan11:31b), early JWs took UN related, world war ending, manifestations quite seriously.

    Today's Bethel instead is UN NGO and aided world proclmation of the 3rd UN placement of 1990, quoting global "placement" quotes in Awake! 9/8/1991 as George Bush Sr. "New world order" mantra aids, echoed another 70 times in WT publications between 1991 to 2001 as JWs became free advertisers of the 8th Kingdom UN system. That is how we know Bethel aided fulfillment of Daniel 11:30b-32a as "those leaving the holy covenant"; a "holy covenant", according to JW 1918-1922 rules, that Christendom was not even in in 1945 erred interpretation or 1990 Bethel fulfillment of that prophecy after a marked, unique, cold war as per Dan11:29.

    They stick to certain JW rules, but demolish all the others, so as to remain concealed as Bethel is now converted to a UN annex. (Dan11:41; Matt24:15; Luke 21:20). It's a classic subversion, but due to JW naivette very easy to accomplish since after WW2 and the 1945 2nd UN placement which JWs did expound as prophecy. Today's JWs work for UN overall developmental concealment; (Dan8:12b).

    Even King North, an easy to see 8th King meaning from 3rd UN placment to 4th UN placment of Dan11:30-45, is all covered up at Bethel (for 22 years) for a ridiculous claim the USSR places the UN "disgusting thing" in 1945, though both them and the Nazi's were not UN members or fully defunct prior to that placement, leaving only one world power connected to UN presentation. The 8th King and Anglo-American elite systems. But this was the post cold war 3rd UN placement in reality, as Bethel went UN NGO instead, and diverts that prophecy and Dan8:11-13 parallels.

    JWs thus conceal easy to affirm world events, with WW2 fictional versions that aid the duping of the average JW, as Bethel is pro UN agency.

  • LogCon

    "about 1914"

    Is this a prelude to an " about face?"

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    About one or two generations after about 1914............. around 2520 years after ..about 607 BC. Should we expext some new light in WT chronology?


    New?? I don't know. Ignore the old and press on, probably. "Down the memory hole!!", says the GB!! Is God's right to rule really the message of the Bible?!?


  • Bobcat

    I think the "about" is related to when Satan was 'cast down to the earth.' The Society views it as after the establishment of the Kingdom ('the child being caught away to God's throne' of Rev 12:6, which is in October 1914) BUT before the 'persecution' resulting in the arrest of the seven in the spring of 1918 (of Revelation 12:13, 14). Upon their release, 'about' 9 months later (equated with the 3 1/2 days of Rev 11:9), the "time and times and half a time" occurs which runs from the spring of 1919 to about September of 1922, culminating in the 'Advertise, advertise, advertise the King and his Kingdom' talk at the Cedar Point convention.

    For the Society, the devil can be ousted from heaven anytime within the sandwiching dates of October 1914 and March/April 1918. The exact date is not important except that it be between those dates. Since Rev. 12:7 says they "battled" in heaven, it leaves open the possibility that the outcome of the battle was not immediate.

    Anonymouz is correct that there is a 42 month period from Oct 1914 to March/April 1918 involved with Rev 11:2, 3. (They may have shifted that to Dec 1914 - June 1918. Not sure why at the moment but might be related to their conviction in June 1918 and subsequent imprisoning in Atlanta. They say they were sent off on July 4th 1918, which they view as ironic - US Independence Day holiday.)

    The Society probably says "about 1914-1918 so as to prevent any JWs from giving a more specific date, which many would if they simply said "October 1914."

  • Phizzy

    Thanks Bobcat, that is the clearest explanation of the WT's tortured teachings on this that I have read.

    So, then, the First World War, which began in July, has absolutely nothing to do with the Devil being ousted (WT just love that word) or with Jesus sitting on his throne, according to what the WT actually teach. Have I got that right ?

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