Statistics - JWs Only See What They Want to See

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  • jw07

    A dub posted this link earlier this week. This video aired Feb 16, 2011 as pointed out by one of the commenters. It's amazing though how many Witnesses lack the ability to scrutinize the information presented, and go CHECK the data for THEMSELVES.

    "Jonathan Polk This news program was aired Feb 16, 2011. With a quick google search of 2013 fastest growing religions you will see that as of Nov 2013 Islam and Hinduism are the cool kids on the block, that are growing the fastest. I absolutely do not endorse either, just stating the facts. Fastest growing does not equal truth!"

  • Gopher

    JW's have all their bases covered.

    When the organization is growing, they say to themselves it's a good thing because Jehovah is obviously blessing the preaching work.

    When the organization is not growing, they say to themselves it's a good thing because Jehovah is culling the weeds and the troublemakers, leaving the organization stronger.

  • WTWizard

    Seems people are sick of Christi-SCAM-ity in all its forms. The cat lick church is losing members sick of hearing about how they are sinners and jesus is needed for their salvation. That was behind the jokehovian witlesses growing so much in the mid and late 1980s. During that period, people were looking for an alternative, and that was what was available. So, many joined. Almost a fad.

    Then, along came the Internet. People realize that the jokehovians are no better than the cat lick church, and in many areas much worse. Anyone looking for an alternative these days can just take the washtowel littera-trash and spend about 20 minutes of research on the religion to scratch that off the list. So, they go down the list of xian religions, and find them all flawed. With that scratched off, they look at the other options. Judaism does not appeal to Gentiles, by and large, with its equally strange teachings (such as keeping kosher and not operating a switch during the Sabbath). Islam is what's left, and many end up trying that. As Islam is different from Christi-SCAM-ity, many will stick. Hinduism is also off the beaten path enough to get people interested, but the xian corruption of the original Hindu is enough to prevent real spirituality. Wicca also appeals to many--again, this is watered down by xian corruption.

    At which point, those who skip Islam often become atheists. Some will stay there. Others will research the ancient religions. Still others, tired of all Abrahamic religions, will think "If joke-hova or allah really push poverty and sexual repression, I will give Satan a try". The truth is, when the books are uncooked and the bogus numbers among the jokehovians are fixed, spiritual Satanism is actually growing faster than the jokehovians which goes against humanity and nature.

  • anonymouz

    Under GB tenure JWs have lost 500% overall aggregate growth percentage ratio, meaning it has dropped atleast 10% under the Bethel pirates. So what is actually the fastest growing element of the JW religion is stumbled and lost JWs, as that 10% loss equates to lost potential JWs. Things like pedophile protection program and UN NGO have probably stumbled 5 to 10 million people in a decade.

    Like CEOs purposely driving a corporation into the ground, the GB sells this downward spiral as "record growth", when in comparison to JW histporic numbers it is an appaling plummet, signs of Bethel reproach and rampant lawlessness. It's like modern CEOs of a beer company losing 10% market share of suds in a decade, and telling the stock holders, "everyting is just fine, it's at apex y'all!".

    What is at apex is Bethel's campaign driving people away from the Bible.

  • joe134cd

    Funny comment that was made to me the other day. How there were nearly 8 million peak publishers. I just thought to myself if only she knew.

  • Phizzy

    8 Mill ? They are a very small obscure sect when you look at the World Population. Close on 7.2 Billion, and over 200.000 new babies each day !

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    I second what Gopher said. ALL news is good news for the Watchtower.

    Bad news = proof we are the one true religion. We are being persecuted! Jehovah will deliver us! Remain united and continue preaching.

    Good news = proof that we are the one true religion! Jehovah is blessing our efforts. Remain united and continue preaching.

    Above all, Remain United and Persevere! Contine Preaching! Increased statistics in our yearbook are proof that we are the one true reigion. Jehovah will deliver us!

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