How would you respond to never a JW making those statements?

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  • TOTH

    I feel that the vast majority of jw's I have been around are decent and sincere people who have been horribly misled.

  • Oh Gawd
    Oh Gawd

    Never been a JW, but based on the 30 or so I know, if someone asked me the question of whether or not they are good people my answer would be, they're ok people. but that's irrelevant because they're all fuckin crazy. Not just weird, mind you, but certifiably mentally ill.

    Somethings are just automatic qualifiers for being a whack job; school shooters, mass murders, suicide bombers, Jehovah Witnesses, etc.

  • Ancientofdays

    1) I thought Jehovahs Witnesses are very good people

    2) Are they good people?

    They're mostly decent and good people.
    BUT. But they're addicted to a cult.

    "With or without religion you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." - Steve Weinberg.

  • inbetween


    very interesting post, love it.

    regarding OP:

    Most JW, at least officially, obey whatever GB tells them.

    I think, the difference is, how they feel about it. Take for example disfellowshipping: Some are really genuinely sad, that a brother or sister was lost to Satan, they will not talk to them, but they feel awkward and sorry.

    Others again thrive of the punishment given to sinners, they feed their self righteous attitude, it puts themselves in a better light by comparison.

    Another question is, why do people join ? The message, which is made clear early to bible studies, that most people will get destroyed at big A. Its one thing to get deceived into believing a happy future in paradise, but to think also, most people deserve eternal death the same time, does this attract ceratin kind of people ? maybe to a point, since most converts are ususally of the lower social rank, they have an axe to grind with scoeity in general. There are of course many exceptions to this as well.

  • unstopableravens

    romans 3:9-13 romans 7:18

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