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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Intellectual incest. Well put. My public school experience varied. Without my classmates and teachers, I would have died from physical and emotional abuse. Public school provided a vacation from my crazy Witness family. It pains me that children may not have the same choice. Since I don't have children, I may not be well informed. My parents were literate. Only one was a high school graduate. How does one learn so many different fields to teach your own children? Some friends believe degrees don't matter. I disagree. My field is relatively narrow. I read voraciously in History. American and British history.

    There is no way under the sun with only a law degree that I could teach math or science. Yes, I read Shakespeare, Milton, Hemmingway but I don't understand these classics the way someone who has studied for a minimun of four years knows them. Society needs people with a solid base of core subjects. What if my child wanted to do ballet or study piano at Julliard? Yes, I studied French for many years. I am no French expert. Education made me very aware of one truth. I can only know a small portion of any subject.

    We learned social skills in the playground. I loved the exposure to other kids. My dolls were more fun when other little girls played, too. B/c the cost was shared, I had access to many games and books my parents could never afford.

    Public school is where I met Jews and Roman Catholics. It broke a lot of the JW brainwashing.

    We had serious riots in high school. After the big one, the students realized we were pawns for adult politicians. They fired us up and we bled. Somehow a truce between the races emerged. There would be border skirmishes. It would be tense. The black guys would pull a black guy off the white guy and state it was not worth. The white boys would physically restrain another white who became too hot. It was a valuable life lesson. Don't take the bait.

    School was full of such lessons. Public school allowed me to play in an orchestra. My parents had no musical experience. The band teacher saw that my brother had cerebral palsy. He selected an instrument that my bro could play with a spastic hand. During special events, it warmed me to see my cp brother in one of the coolest groups in high school, the dance band. We were Jehovah's Witnesses. School gave us a level playing field.

    Public school was where Jesse Jackson paid a surprise visit only a few weeks after MLK's assasination. He read the riot act to us about achieving academically and being responsible in our communities. Elite colleges came looking for students from poor families. I saw college only b/c of school. It wasn't on the KH tour list. Poverty money poured in. We saw the ballet and opera. Sometimes I would cry b/c I was so happy to have the exposure. I never would have risked college without public school.

    I trained to do a civics lesson in Philadelphia's system. Teachers do such awesome things. They are educated to teach. I don't have such an education. We live in a society. Schools should prepare us for society. The mere idea that I could teach my child a fraction of what my teachers taught me is a joke.

  • PaintedToeNail

    I homeschooled my kids, not for religious reasons, but because our school district is more concerned about football than education. That being said, I live in a high compliance state that requires portfolios, attendance records, testing by outside sources, and a yearly evaluation. I was putting one of my kids back into school last spring. The school was in the middle of PSSA testing and didn't want to admit my child while testing was going on. They didn't think my kid was going to score very high on the test, she out score virtually the whole school and was asked to partake in testing by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, reserved for the top 95th percentile performing students worldwide. I put my kids into day camp during the summer so they had lots of contact with kids there age. It can and does work if done right.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    How do you know what is right? Most of our school board ended up in the federal pen which is where they belonged. I am not fooling.

    Also, I expect the child's personality/character plays an important part.

    You must be very proud of your children. As I said before, without a public school, I would be dead. When I was in school, no one home schooled. Times have changed. It sounds like so much effort on the part of parents to do it properly. I weep for the homeschooled JW students.

  • JeffT

    Technically, we are homeschooling our granddaughter. Three days a week she goes to a home shcool support program, the other two days she is enrolled in other programs. The "school" has about 75 students and 15 or twenty teachers, a number of them are specialists (math, science etc) that come in part time. I think all of them have Master's degrees. It uses some really innovative teaching methods and requires a high degree of commitment from the parents. It has proven to be a terrific program for her.

    That's great, but where do you find a Kingdom Hall with twenty Master's degree grads? For that matter I've never been in a KH more than one or two random members had college degrees. I do not see how these people can possibly educate their children, and their social growth will be completely stunted.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    " Part of the benefit of a public school education is the EXPOSURE to a variety of opinions and areas of expertise of the teachers, "

    Which is exactly what home schoolers want to avoid.

    As an education professional myself, and I had the same view as an active JW, whatever your view of the 'world', the sooner your kids learn to deal with it at their own age-appropriate level, the better. Kids who go to school learn to deal with different personalities and beliefs of the others around them. They learn to navigate around difficult personalities and negotiate with their peers. They also learn to get up at a certain time each day, stick to a routine, and benefit from the content the teachers have acquired over years to decades.

    Now I feel homeschooling is ok for some kids, such as those with special needs or kids in remote areas eg cattle stations. But the majority of kids are homeschooled for religious reasons. The homeschoolers in our district rarely show for the year 12 state test (if they even go to year 12) and almost never go to university or TAFE.

    The JW kids who've been homeschooled, often get to 15 or 17, exit points for education here, and BAM! They're out in the 'world' working with all these people they have no experience in dealing with. It's very hard on them.

    And SFPW, I don't know when your last contact with formal education was. I can tell you, that most kids are good. Most kids aren't the unruly teenagers you see in the news drinking and smoking. People generally don't see the majority of teenagers because they're at school or home with their parents. 85% of kids are good.

  • respectful_observer

    The only kids that I ever knew who were home schooled came from UBER-spiritual J-dub families. They all decided to start home schooling them during middle school (around 12 years old). In every single case, each kid went from giving their experience about home schooling and spending a lot of time in field service at meetings and assemblies to getting into drugs, getting disfellowshipped, and in two cases, getting knocked up by gang members/drug dealers. One or two eventually made their way back, but the rest of them disappeared into a disfunctional, below-the-poverty-line existence.

    There isn't a single J-dub I know who was home schooled that never got DF'd or who can successfully support themselves or a family as an adult.

  • tiki

    Home schooling can be successful if the teacher/parent has a good academic approach and is capable of the discipline and has the intellectual ability to actually teach. There are many programs available, and the kids have to pass tests keeping them up to appropriate grade level. That said, it is a rare witness who has the ability to teach effectively and appropriately. They tend to use it as an escape hatch from having to deal with normal everyday situations. The kids need to learn to interact with their peers - how is a kid supposed to grow to adulthood and be able to cope with differing personalities, approaches, cultures, viewpoints, etc. if they are kept isolated so they don't have to deal with it growing up? I think sometimes the parents too are too lazy and/or scared that their kid will not stand up for the beliefs - so it is simpler to keep them home. Then the kids themselves would rather not have to be the outcasts in the classroom due to the flag salute, holiday celebrations, and other normal everyday stuff.

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    RE: >>Home schooled witness kids <<

    Gives new meaning to Shit For Brains...

  • sir82

    I can't comment on home-schooling by JWs in general; I can only comment on what I've seen.

    In my experience, home-schooled JWs are the wackiest nut-jobs there are. They have virtually no social skills, rarely have employable skills (other than manual labor or retail sales), and just generally are unpleasant to be around.

    I can't decide which ones are worse: The ones who glory and revel in their own ignorance, or the ones who are clueless about how utterly ignorant they are and spout off the most mind-numbingly jaw-dropping out of left field, "so wrong it's not even wrong" statements.

  • adamah

    Tiki said- Home schooling can be successful if the teacher/parent has a good academic approach and is capable of the discipline and has the intellectual ability to actually teach.

    Of course, all JWs feel imminently qualified to teach others, including their own children, since remember: they conduct Bible studies with others, and they are repeatedly told from the platform that attending TMS is equivalent to earning a college degree, and they all consider themselves as having been taught "powerful" teaching techniques (like using 'parables') by studying the example of Jesus, the masterful teacher of men.

    They often tell themselves that those pagan Worldly educators got nuttin' on dem , cuz dere down wit edumacshun like King Kong! (sic, sic, sic).

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