Tech49 visits Bethel: Part 1-Patterson

by Tech49 17 Replies latest jw experiences

  • KateWild

    We have had lunch at Bethel, tupperware and head of the table. Very funny, I can resonate with that. Kate xx

  • PaintedToeNail

    So, they pray after eating too, is that so they don't suffer from indigestion?

  • braincleaned

    Glad you went for us... i think I'll tour Alcatraz instead...

  • konceptual99

    Had lunch at Mill Hill Bethel a couple of years ago. Freaky.

    I thought the trip would help cement the global nature of the org into my kids. It just added fuel to the growing fire of discontent in my heart.

  • BU2B

    Looks like you just don't have the right heart condition tech49, that you couldn't see it as the spiritual paradise that it is! Don't you know that in the "new system" the whole world will be just like Patterson? Who wouldn't want to live in such holy, organized surroundings!

  • blondie

    The tupperware scoop up....called gleaning officially by Bethelites I knew; I called it scavenging. They aren't supposed to take food from occupied tables while people are still can continue eating after the prayer or to the dishes the servers take over to an unoccupied table. Bethelites, especially couples, like to eat in their rooms alone and heat up leftovers. Some were quite good at combining leftovers. I do believe that you are only required to go to your table for breakfast. The head (and the foot) brothers will note when you are late and "talk" to you about it.

  • BluesBrother

    I went to Brooklyn back in the day, many decades ago when on a Society trip to N Y Assembly. We got asked for lunch, which was nice but I had no idea at the time that it was such a privilige in their eyes. As I recall, it was certainly regimented to a strict time table and rule - bound.

    Tech, your thoughts remind me of Huxley's " Brave New World" where everybody is indoctrinated from birth, and programmed prior to that , into perpetuating the system, and only the outsider could see it for what it was.....

  • DS211

    Know all them boys and girls were playing soccer. Thats funny because it is of known pagain origin that the game started. Theyd kick severed heads many more beheadings were needed for a footy match vs. Birthdays? Hmmm

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