Jehovah's Witnesses MOST FEARED VIDEO 220,000 views

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  • adamah

    NY44M said-

    If it is to get the to know the "real christ" perhaps they need to change their approach.

    If anything, the JWs are to be commended for properly interpreting Jesus' "hate your family" message, where he said he didn't come to bring families together but to break them apart, etc. There's DOZENS of such passages, plus the examples in the OT of loving God above one's own family members (eg Abraham, Jephthah, etc).

    Hence why anyone who's seen the horror firsthand of Jesus' bad advice put into action in modern times is going to need much-more massive doses of cognitive-suppression techniques required to ignore the ugliness of the Bible that the JWs don't even attempt to sweep under the rug, but choose to live by.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Amen braincleaned!


    ...........Look at the Pic in the OP..

    ....Looks like a Remake of this Video..


    ................................................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • Violia

    None of jws would fear this b/c of his insistence on accepting Christ. They would just call him a Jesus freak( words to that affect)

    I was really enjoying it until he said I had to accept Christ. I just can't listen to this now. I do believe Jesus has been devalued and has gotten ripped off by the GB. I just am not ready for the accepting Jesus into my heart crowd.

  • factfinder

    As a jw I would have seen this guy as a religious nut and paid him no attention.

    And I agree, the Jesus talk is a big turn off.

  • GoneAwol

    Outlaw - He's bin wa?*%ng fer that lorng, his grown a beard an lost his darn hair..

  • dog is god
    dog is god

    Would not have affected me.

  • confusedandalone

    As soon as a JDub hears anyone else start quoting scriptures they would shut it off or completely shut down

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