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  • DS211

    So im watching equilibrium and John Preston (Christian Bale) is an officer who has to identify and kill or get rid of "sense offenders"-humans who stop taking medication to control their emotions. Anyways at the beginning he goes and meets with the chancellor if the Tetragrammaton....lol i was like "oh wow. I wonder if a Witness wrote it"

  • DS211

    Another good line "its not the message thats important, its our obedience to it"

  • pronomono

    Excellent movie. You find references to religion in lots of stuff like this. I think writers put these types of references in, not based on what they believe, but to add a double or hidden meaning to their characters. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, it is too violent for a witness. This reminds me of my favorite video game franchise, Final Fantasy. They use a lot of religious references, pagan and Christian, to add subtle meaning to characters and events. It's always fun to pick up on these cues, especially when they relate to some religious nutcase.

  • Vidiot

    Awesome movie; I have it on Blu.

    Writer/director Kurt Wimmer has never been (to my knowledge) a JW, though.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It has very much similarities to a JW theocracy. But that is true of all theocracies and religions though. The Catholics did it in the middle ages, Islam does it in the Middle East, LDS/Mormons do it in Utah, Amish in Pennsylvania, various cults over the world do it in their communes, Jehovah's Witnesses do it in the confines of their homes and the Kingdom Halls.

    If they had the means to control their population with medication, they would.

    DuPont: It is not the will of the Council, it is the will of Father and he is law.

    John Preston: Sir... without the logic of process, is it not just mayhem - what we have worked so hard to eradicate?

    DuPont: You must understand, Preston, that while you - and even I - may not always agree with it,it is not the message that is important, it is our obedience to it. Father's will. Call it faith. You have it, I assume?

    John Preston: Yes. I have it.

    DuPont: Good.

    Sounds familiar:

    John Preston: Then I have no choice but to remand you to the Palace of Justice for processing.

    Mary: Processing. You mean execution, don't you?

    John Preston: Processing.

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