Shooting stars at end of JW video about New Tuxedo HQ

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  • scotoma

    Yes AnnOMaly we know. So, what's the point.

    It wasn't a shooting star. But, it WAS a shooting star effect. To the ordinary observer of the video (me for instance) it looks like a shooting star and reminded me of the intro to a lot of warm fuzzy UFO movies (Spielbergs ET)

    As I said, " The is clever enough that if they didn't want the shooting star effect they could easily have removed it."

    "Airplanes: If you are shooting anywhere near civilization, you will most likely have some shots
    with airplane trails in them. I like to use the clone tool in Photoshop Elements to remove the
    airplanes. If it was a busy night, this could take a while, but your final product will look much
    better if you take the time to remove them. If there are a lot of airplanes on any particular night,
    sometimes I'll go ahead and render the star trails photo, and then decide which airplane trails are
    most offensive and just remove those. It's always best to go back to the original photos to remove
    the airplane trails, and then re-render the star trails photo. I have, however, discovered that if I
    decide to make a time lapse video of the photographs, then I like to leave the airplanes in for
    them. I think they have a very cool "shooting star" effect. Again, just my taste; you may think

    ___James Vernacotola on Photography

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