[w14 02/15] The "Photodrama of Creation" centenary article

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  • prologos

    but according to pages 30-32,

    wt produced 20 sets of the P-drama. The showing laste 8 hours in 4 sessions. yet

    "--up to 80 cities EACH DAY hosted the "Photo Drama"--"

    of course Cinema companies switched, transported reels between theaters, but 80 cities with 20 copies each day? somebody help me.

    the FAD's promise to readers: "we will never lie to you" ???

  • nonjwspouse

    Such interesting, and valuable background information.....more to go into my "knowladge base" if ever I need it.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Just to be clear, the Watchtower Society, for all their faults, never claimed that MEPS translated publications from one language to another. It's a typesetting system, that's all. They were very clear on that, unfortunately the average dub is not all that computer savvy.

    No Apologies

  • fastJehu

    @ prologos

    20 copies - containing 4 parts. 4 x 20 = 80 parts

    So it was possible, to show in 4 different towns each 1 part of 1 set.

    For example: town 1 starts with part 1 at 8:00. Then this part comes by car to town 2 and this part starts at 11:00 (one hour driving between the towns).

    Town 1: 08:00 part 1, 10:00 part 2, 12:00 part 3, 14:00 part 4

    Town 2: 11:00 part 1, 13:00 part 2, 15:00 part 3, 17:00 part 4

    So it was explained to me.

  • Weana

    @fastJehu: it was not explained correct to you.

    Of course, not all 4 parts were shown together to the same persons on the same day. Who could sit 4partsx2hours=8 hours a day in theatre or cinema?

    If you wanted to see all 4 parts, you had to attend the show on 4 different days.


    Monday: town 1-20: part 1

    Tuesday: town 1-20: part 2; Town 21-40: part 1

    Wednesday: town 1-20: part 3; town 21-40: part 2; town 41-60: part 1

    Thursday: town 1-20: part 4; town 21-40: part 3; town 41-60: part 2; town 61-80: part 1

    Friday: town 21-40: part 4; town 41-60: part 3; town 61-80: part 2; town 81-100: part 1,

    and so on.

  • fastJehu

    @ Weana

    thanks for your explanation. Are you shure?
    That means, that Russel hast to rent a cinema for 4 days - would be more expensive then to show all parts on one day. Just my 2 cents.

    Your wrote: " Who could sit 4partsx2hours=8 hours a day in theatre or cinema?"

    I answer: every JW on every convention

  • prologos

    fast Jehu, thank you. they must have had many people like you, fast Jehus.

    wt writeres claim to have had shows in 80 CITIES,-- not towns. not Yonkers & Bronx, and there are only so many Minneapolis,StPauls around, and that would be one hour traveling, takedown, setup time 4 times in 80 cities PER DAY, in those cars on those streets or low ways or rail ways?

    organisation was always the strength of the organisation.

  • prologos

    also, the same day in the USA can have 27 + hours,

    OVERLAPPING time zones

  • krejames

    I was about to respond to the following smug tweet by a dub:

    "eat your heart out Hollywood! Guess who made movies with colour & sound b4 you did" [followed by link to jw.org]

    I was going to answer "Le Vie Et La Passion de Jesus Christ 1903". Before doing so I thought I had better make sure I got my facts straight.

    My findings were that while the french film could lay claim to having sound (i.e. music) and so I could counter the Jdub's tweet on a minor technicality if I wished to, the film could not lay claim to having synchronised voice/speech. This was indeed a milestone that the Photo Drama of Creation can lay claim to. Even non witness film buffs acknowledge this (for example see this link to Film History Milestones).

    I'm not being an apologist. I just think that sometimes we are so enthusiastic to pick holes with the WTBS that we fall foul of exactly what we are accusing them of and can completely undermine our "apostate" credibility. I'm really not sure what the value of the claims made by OP of this thread is.

    Maybe a more interesting aspect of this is that it was the Bible Students who can lay claim to this milestone, not JWs. Considering that JWs apostasised from the Bible Students, they cannot really take the credit for this achievement.

  • chasson

    I don't think so, the Kinetophon of Thomas Edison, example from 1912:


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