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  • Leander

    In about 2 or 3 weeks I'll be stepping down as a MS and leaving the WTS for good. But before I do so I'm trying to prepare some information in regards to the 607 date and numerous false prophecies (predictions)

    In particular I was hoping someone could give me some information on the following:

    1. - Scriptural evidence of when Jersualem was really destroyed

    2. - Bibical accounts and verses of:
    A - Jesus prophesying about people who would mislead others in regards to the composite sign
    B - False prophets who would mislead others in regards to Jesus return
    C - People who would mislead others in regards to making guesses or predictions about armageddon

    I would REALLY appreciate any information on those areas. I'm thinking that it might be a slim chance that I can present this information to my father-in-law. (who is a presiding overseer) If he was to accept this information I'm positive that it would cause quite an upset.

    Thanks for your help

  • jerome

    Not like i'm an expert or anything though.

    But as far as I know witnesses dont usually care about false prophesy verses in the Bible.

    You should know that that particualr issue is one of the first that witnesses are innoculated against so it really wont make an im pact.

    If I were a witness who was stepping down the front page would have on the UN scandal because there isnt a comeback for that one. But with false prophesy theyll just call it 'mistaken expectations'.

    Not saying that they wouldent be moved by reading photo copys of old watchgtower articles with 1975 and other dates set foward.

    If you wanted verses about false prophesy all you have to do is randomly open the bible any where in the new testament and you'll find them.

    But good luck though because you'll need it.


    The Bible is a two edged sword wield it for evil and it you may get hurt.

  • jerome

    Here is a link about pratical persuasion.

    It may take you about 3 days out of you busy schedual to read the entire thing.

    But I think that it may be worth the effort.

  • revdrjohnson


    Though he is unlikely to accept it, the most authoritative work on the dating of biblical prophecies in Daniel and Revelation is Carl Olof Johsson's [i]"Gentile TImes Reconsidered"[/]

    Click on the banner at the top of this page, next to the logo, and you will be taken to Commentary Press, where you can buy Jnsson's book for about $15

    ALso the Encyclopedia Judaiaca and Jewish Encyclopedia both verify that the JEWS consider 586 B. C. to be the correct date for the siege of Jerusalem

    Third thing that I have had success with is to go to and type "607 b.c." in the status line. That yielded some good non-partisan articles on the subject -- including Lambert Dolphin's chronology

    Keep the Faith

  • qwerty

    Very interesting Jerome,

    Like this quote from the site,

    During the Korean War, the American public was introduced to a new idea: Brainwashing. This word was invented to explain the unexpected acts of treason that were committed by a few American soldiers who were captured. For the first time in our history a significant number of our captured soldiers willingly cooperated with the enemy. It was a jarring shock to America and it caused people to try and figure out what had happened.
    The first speculation was that the enemy had used a clever combination of torture and punishment to beat our soldiers into submission. The evidence suggests otherwise. The brainwashing sessions did not necessarily include torture, but rather featured a lengthy debate between the captured soldier and a skillful questioner. And the debate was about America and American beliefs about freedom, democracy, and equality.

    Amazingly, many of our soldiers had great difficulty defending their political and social beliefs. They believed that democracy was the best form of government, but they could not explain why this was true. And their captors merely attacked these simply held beliefs until the soldiers began to doubt their validity. After that the road to "treason" was easy.

    The lesson learned translated into important changes for the American military. New soldiers began to receive more extensive political training along with the typical military instruction. No soldier would ever hold naive beliefs or be unable to defend America verbally or militarily.

    These ideas translated into one of the most interesting persuasion tools ever developed. The most important question was, "How do you get people to hold a belief more strongly?" It was obvious from the war experience that mere education was not sufficient training to strengthen important beliefs. You can lecture people about the joys of capitalism and they can learn the lecture well enough to pass a true-false test on it, but when the real world mounts a serious attack on the information, many learners will crumble.

    How do you get people to hold a belief or attitude more strongly?

    Inoculation theory, that's how.

    The main point of Inoculation Theory is: Attacks make beliefs (and attitudes) stronger. To understand this theory, we need to draw upon a medical analogy


    "I will have to read more"

  • rekless

    there is a thesis written about the book of Daniel which explained the 70 weeks of years and the trampling of the holy etc, etc, it is called "I, Daniel", it was on the internet, I read it about two years ago and it had amazing info which would help you. But I can't seem to find it any place.

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  • seedy3


    The link has a lot of info that AlanF has posted about the 607 date as well as others, he did a very good job of research on it through a historical aspect. It is a must read for anyone wanting to have a good discussion on 607 ect.


  • hungarian xjw
    hungarian xjw

    1. - Scriptural evidence of when Jersualem was really destroyed:

    607 or 587 or some other year... Not this is the problem.
    When dreamt Nabu the dream about the big tree, what is forepicture destroying of Jerusalem in WT doctrine? On end his ruleship - teach the WTS new Daniel book. When destroyed Jerusalem? On begin his destroy - teach that WT book.
    How possible, that prophecy later than fullfillment????

  • hungarian xjw
    hungarian xjw

    "On begin his destroy "

    correctly: on begin his ruleship


  • hungarian xjw

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