Questions During Meetings...Grounds for Suspicion?

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  • blondie

    committeechairman, that is what I observed, answer the question after the meeting.

  • prologos

    Some elders would not even know that the comment/question exposed wt error.

    but having time to think about it they would discover that they have been had. but

    such tactics satisfying that they are to sooth a troubled jw conscious, will have consequences;

    being marked, silenced raised hand refused, removed even from the school roll.

    They learned well from beria, goebbels.

    even wit will not do with the witnesses.

  • Etude

    When I was at Bethel and attended the mini-Gilead class for "new boys", the instructor (a smug looking, slightly-condescending dude) stated that we were free to ask questions and let the Bible answer them. However, we were not supposed to use hypothetical situations. Eventually, the subject came up regarding what the Bible states on remarriage (meaning it can only be done if the partner dies or commits adultery). The implication is that a marriage outside of those two conditions would be invalid in the eyes of Jehovah.

    I raised my hand and asked: "What if a couple that was married discovered that they were fleshly brother and sister? Would they have to separate? Would their marriage be invalid in the eyes of Jehovah after being consummated? What would be their standing?" With his smug look peering down at me, he reminded me that my question was out of line because I was told not to use hypothetical situations. I stated that it was not a hypothetical but based on a newspaper article I had read about two people who been separated and adopted at birth and later, after marrying, found out about each other. All remember was the frustrated sigh he let out. I don't remember his answer because he really didn't answer. He essentially dismissed my inquiry and went on to other things. I remember pointing this out to my roommate who was also attending the class.

    That was the beginning of my awareness regarding how difficult questions are handled. From that point on, I became cautious about what to ask and even more cautious about the responses and reactions I got. I gotta give that guy (the instructor) credit. He really knew how to dismiss my inquiry. I guess it had happened to him before.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel


    I ask the Elders to show me, from

    the Bible how they get 607 for Jerusalem and

    they DF me.

    Wait a minute...really?

    Jerusalem was destroyed in 589 B.C. It's historically verifiable. In 607 it was still there. There's now an entire field of study not only about 600 B.C. in Jerusalem, but it was a pivotable year for the world. If it had fallen in 607, the rumblings would have been felt throughout the ancient world, especially the cities of Phoenicia, which traded with both Egypt and Jerusalem. We'd see signs all over the Mediterranean. If I were a JW and pointed that out in my class, are you guys saying there would be hell to pay?

    What happened to get you DF'ed, Over4Me? They had to talk to you first, didn't they? Don't they give you a chance to recant the error of your ways first? Sounds like they just took you out and shot you! They did caution you first, though, didn't they?

    Pronomono, tell me about the "intimidation chamber." Sounds like you've been in it.

    Has anyone here actually held the rubber hose in the chamber??


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