Found Healing FINALLY from childhood abuse

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  • Satanus

    Take what works for you and then, move on.


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    Gypsy Sam

    Good for you.

    I second the comment Satanus Made.

  • Comatose

    Glad you are finding healing girl! I wish you only the best.

  • Ding

    I'm very glad to hear that you are finding the help you need.

    It's encouraging to hear a positive report.

  • LisaRose

    Thank you Jgnat. Confidence is important, especially to someone who has been abused.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Sorry couldn't get on here sooner! I have a two year old and 9 month old. Keep me busy too. ;) Beth Moore uses characters from the Bible as examples... She starts out with Video then lessons: (Day 1 week 1) Uzziah, how pride can lead to captivity, putting ourselves down represents another twisted form of pride. (Day 2 week 1) Then Jotham and Isaiah, the difference between thanking God for our victories and pointing ppl to God as the One and only Sovereign, for me I understood this part of lesson as all the men we held high in our life was just men, God is the true power and ability that we should exalt him (typical). (Day 3 week 1) Then with Ahaz, God hates meanness, our attitude can be the litmus test. Does victory humble us and bring us to our knees in thanksgiving to God or does victory make us proud and arrogant toward those less victorious? Ahaz had the perfect opportunity to receive God's merciful help but he refused preferring to ask the King of Assyria instead. God yearns for us to ask His help instead we also look for the aid of human agents. She goes into 2 Chronicles 33:1-20. How the King was captive to sin and refused to be loosed... she then says how she fears many Christian leaders have led their flock to places of captivity rather than liberty because they themselves were bondage. (Day 4 week 1)Then Hezekiah (very good) he did good but his pride was foolish (I can relate because man was I dumb it was Grace that saved me but I was to loud about celebrating holidays it offended my sister where she deleted my completely off Facebook, I should have known better, that wasn't loving of me I should have blocked her from viewing such things, now I have zero contact, at least then I could have seen pictures, it's been two years seeing her besides the funeral). (Day 5 week 1)Then Christ.. she says, no earthly leader is incapable of misleading (understatement in my experience). Sometimes leaders' saddest detours are made trying to gain approval from fickle followers. Many leaders battle areas of personal and internal captivity. If our liberty in Christ is going to be a reality in life, we are going to have to learn to walk in the freedom of Christ, independent of everyone else we know.2 Corinthian 3:17 "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom". Gal. 5:1 ... so now she gets to the good stuff how to stay free! (Week 2 video) We have the right of repentance!! God gave us that gift! There are three kinds of suffering Physical, Mental, and Spiritual that Christ suffered Isaiah 52:13-53:12 (she paints a vivid picture and speaks very let's say... passionately). (Day 1 week 2 through Day 5 week 2) Learn the 5 Benefits God plans for His children to enjoy: 1. To know God and believe Him 2. To glorify God 3. To find satisfaction in God 4. To experience God's peace 5. To enjoy God's presence. I like how she says "I've grown to enjoy God with time. Not every minute I spend with Him is gleeful or fun. Intimacy with God grows through sharing every realm of experience." She literally means that when you go through her lessons, I learned how to completely be open to God through every detail and struggle in my life... I learned Bondage is anything that hinders us from the fullness of who God calls us to be!! I didn't realize I had that luxury... to be something for God. (Week 3 video) she gets to the tough stuff "my truth" (meaning things I went through, my environment and my experiences) plus "Satan's lies" lead to captivity (recognizing that was tough) BUT "God's truths" are greater then "my truths" Hebrews 4:12 THAT "my truth" plus "God's truth" equals FREEDOM! (Day 1 week 3 through Day 5 week 3) she gives great insight of the obstacles we can encounter (she also asks to list some obstacles you've battled in previous efforts to live the liberated, abundant life in Christ) : Unbeleif - has God ever proved unworthy of your confidence? She says I believe one of three conditions have resulted: (1) we misinterpreted a promise (2) we missed the answer (3) we gave up before God timed His response. Pride - God wants to get to our hearts (pride covers the heart), treat us from hindrance in our past (pride refuses to look back), treat us with His Word (pride doesn't like to be told what to do), set us completely free (pride thinks he's free enough), bring us out of dark closets (pride says secrets are nobody's business), help us with constraining problems (pride denies there is a problem), and make us strong in Him (pride won't admit to weakness). Idolatry - wether or not we realize it, we look desperately for something to satisfy us and full the empty places. Our craving to be filled is so strong that the moment something or someone seems to meet our need, we feel an overwhelming temptation to worship it. Powerlessness- avoiding prayer is a sure prescription for anxiety, a way to avoid peace (I heard mediation helps too, not from her book ha). Legalism- (this was a big one for me) Galatians 2:15-16 be right with God not Law. How could a student of God's Word squeeze the enjoyment out of her Christian walk by replacing relationship with regulation? (Week 4) this was about making peace with our bondage... we need to muster courage to stop by ancient ruins and see what we learn about ourselves. Our relatives... the positive and negative influences. Godly jealousy is to be jealous FOR someone for her highest good. Exodus 20:4-5. Then she repeats in different terms for example: agree to take an honest look back, believe the truth over the enemy's lies, discern the difference between rebuilding and preserving the ancient ruins, and accept God's appointment as a reconstruction worker. What is your dream or desire for your grandchildren or great-grandchildren? Compare John 14:21 and Exodus 20:6. (Week 5) Courage to believe we can be different. Courage to be misunderstood. Courage to "extract the precious from worthless" (talking about our ancient ruins or relatives that passed down influence) Prejudice is grievous sin fueled by fear and ignorance. Prejudice propagates from the false notion that if people are different, someone has to be better. Courage to deal a new way with old memories. (Day 1 week 5) Heartbreak... Isaiah 61:1, God bound up the brokenhearted. (Day 2 week 5) Hearts broken in childhood Matthew 18:1-11 anything that directly causes a child to have an increased tendency toward sin can be characterized as victimization or abuse. Christ is never the author of abuse! I love how she lists what she personally feels like God has allowed this abuse happen to her... basically it gave her compassion and personal experience to teach others about Christ. (Day 3 week 5) I like how she points out...not making excuses, but sometimes explanations for such a lack of self-respect help us understand and know how to respond to such destructive behaviors. Until the truths of our pasts converge with the truth of God's Word, we will never be whole. (Day 4 week 5) Hearts Broken by Betrayal (another good one) remember Jesus was betrayed by Judas. Hebrews 4:14-16. (Day 5 week 5) Heart broken by Loss :( but what comfort in John 11:1-44. (Week 6) one thing important I wrote a note of Eph 4:19 What benefit resulted in the things you are ashamed of? We can't manage our addictions because ever increasing wickedness. John 4:29 He gives us back our dignity. (Day 1 week 6) really good, it was about Tamar. I could really relate to her pain when losing her purity. :( back to Beth Moore's book she lists some really good points on demoralization of women. (As of right now I'm on day 2 week 6)

  • Butterflyleia85

    Wow this was a really good video of Beth Moore this week, week 7, I'm filled with great happiness to see this laid all out. I concluded again that Jehovah's Witness leaders really screwed up the Word of the Bible, fortunately we see it and many others are seeing it, please pray God give them the strength to trust in him!! I feel like... anything God sees hurt us, hurts him too, any struggles we encounter, pain we suffer... is just an opportunity for God to heal us, we may put ourselves through crap but God lets a way out, Satan is the one behind doubt, resentment, men who punish, and men who allow their weaknesses get the best of them where we reaped the repercussions. In fact when we are suffering we are fulfilling what Paul said and Jesus said too. I like how Beth Moore in the end said it is better to be ‘healed’ then just ‘well’. We now can have passion for people and be connected with others!! Jehovah’s Witness unfortunately don’t get this luxury! We do!!

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