Why has nobody started a petition or writing letters to congress, etc?

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  • EndofMysteries

    I can't be in the spotlight as starting this because of a family member. But I wonder why there is no big change.org type petition going on with hundreds of thousands of signatures, etc.

    Or putting together a nice letter about how JW's religion breaks up families, claims to want religious freedom but those of us born in, or just in, are FORCED to accept their lies and anything they say or get shunned, and the devastating emotional, etc, effects on people.

    How about showing how on public, like jw.org, they make it appear people can leave and not get shunned, but then showing the STUDY articles how those who leave or doubt the religion are 'mentally diseased' etc.

    I think if ALL ex jw's, the hundreds of thousands were to email bomb congress members in every state over the coarse of a month on this, they may do some real investigation into the practice.

    It's not merely a religion where one joins on their own free will and everybody knows upfront what is required and not. They change the rules anytime they want, and if you don't believe in it, you are mentally diseased and your family/associates/life friends are to shun you. If you are born in, you are screwed.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    You are legally free to join and leave the cult at any time. The repercussions of that may be harsh but you can't force people to maintain contact with you. Leave, rebuild your life and don't give them any heed, they are going to take anything you say or do as "oppression" and "persecution" which will only make them think they are right. If you ignore them and don't give them any attention, their prophecies can't come true. Be happy in your life, get some real friends and you'll be a lot happier than them, only then, when you show them the "world" is a better place than where they are will they start to see the issues in their life.

  • EndofMysteries

    Anony Mous - What about the kids and born ins? The emotional and mental damage they face and they are not free at all to do it. What about the members that are BRAINWASHED. They are not FREE to make their own choices. There is research on brainwashing, the government knows about brainwashing. So brainwashing ones relatives to shun. There are so many angles to attack this on.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Cults are not illegal.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Voters don't care. Also, there is no law that Congress can make or any Executive Order that can stop the Witnesses because of freedom of religion in this country. As a born-in, I wish children were protected more. Responsible adults make these personal decisions. We are not a dictatorship. The First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion is our prime directive. Americans take it seriously.

    If a law were enacted, the Supreme Court would simply find it unconst'l. Also, governments have no jurisdiction over a person's religion. It would be a waste of time. What can be done is a public awareness campaign. This site is an excellent example. There are a host of apostate sites that explore doctrine, history, experiences, etc. I suggest that being active here or on other sites is the way to go to bring change. Donations would proably be a good idea. If a particular aspect bothered you, you could start a blog or research it and post the information so Internet users are exposed to it.

    In contrast to the past, the Witnesses are doing poorly in countries that have Internet access. Before the Internet, one would have go to a public library and research the Witnesses. Now one can Google it. You can do whatever you want to do. Government has no power to influence a religion. When government starts down that path, your favorite religion may be next.

    I would also suggest word of mouth concerning your Witness experiences. Neighbors and friends may be interested in your perspective. I trust ordinary people I encounter in real life more than I trust a website. Without being dramatic, I explain a few doctrines to friends or business acquaintances. People are curious. They don't care deeply, though. We care deeply because our lives were so affected.

    The WT is not a democracy. Petitions will not change their minds. I understand the feelings of being powerless against the WT. The reality is we do have power. Living well is the best revenge. The more normal our lives the less power the WT has. Also, as one friend said about a bad marriage. The opposite of love is not hate. Hate ties you emotionally. No, the opposite of love is indifference.

  • anonymouz

    I think in this Bethel engineered diffusion, that there is nothing else to believe in for most people as a hub of unity, or motivation of a mass indictment against Bethel forming on that hub. All people can agree on is the JW org has fully devolved now. For example, how far back that devolution began then starts another division. So there is no framework that ties this JW devolution to anything as it's real cause as then the GB are just generalized corruption in humans, or Adamic, or however anyone wanted to see it.

    Few would think this indicates a final judgment cycle and a UN evolution in about a decade to an actual international scale world government. Thus that renewed focus of the JW primary original tracking of UN development also cannot crystallize - it too is stalled. It is apparent JWs are mum on UN 3rd manifestation of 1990 as Bethel instead became a UN NGO co-promoter of that governmental statement of global order - the "new world order" term that spikes in JW publications between 1991-2001.

    So between the lines, Bethel has become a UN annex that also diverts any Biblical awareness that a 3rd UN placement leads to a final UN placement some years from now. To JWs in general, all time stopped at UN 2nd placement of 1945 - nothing else matters. And if JWs and others lost track of that trajectory to where it leads as the primary focus of the tracking of the rival 8th Kingdom of mankind (UN full world government) since the 1920's to 1990 lost, slowly deprogrammed to inconsequential by the Bethel hypnotists, then no other pressing JW truth of the past matters either any longer in JW reality. It is all now an afterimage illusion.

    So even JWs are now lulled into a coma and can't even keep track of their own former trajectory by a far larger momentum of that 1930-1960 peak of spiritual concern in tracking, what were then, modern UN events and Messianic Kingdom events, that both manifested concurrently at approximately the same time of 1919 League of Nations rival proclamation first, as JWs later started to congeal a Kingdom of God proclamation meaning as the impetus of their 1914 ministry continuation.

    At one time a United Nations development was big news to JWs, not any more.

    Even if it was all make believe, JWs did directly affront the then formative "new world order" with a diametric statement of world rulership destiny from 1920s to 1950s. Today's JWs instead are UN NGO and hush hush the whole UN continued evolution that like post WW1, WW2 and cold war, also will, as per formula, require a trying final world cycle of globalization finalities to eventually present an actual world government, say a decade from now.

    Strangely, JWs self fulfilling prophecy instead ends their own ministry "any day now", rather than the obvious realization a final globalization cycle is needed to complete the "8th King" world government far beyond in scale and function, but including, the UN. So as David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and others in the developmental thinktanks of world government now proclaim a final cycle, JWs instead preach a premature end, which can only be realized on Bethel now, not the world system as a whole.

    Or else God and Christ would show up to find no contender ready for battle for earth's sovereign supremacy, according to JWs own rules of engagement. So weirdly, JWs have taken an exit way way off "the road to life" and abandoned their former destination and meaning, as well as modern awareness of globalization, and are themselves lacking any true hub of unity in that diversion now complete.

    Of course others falling off that JW turnip truck weaving around the backstreets of LA, now miles off track and lost, are turnips with also no direction, just rolling to a stop, seeing the JW truck heading off to self prophesied early disaster. And in that disunity and natural chaos of mind, there is nothing else to gravitate towards but an awareness of the JW condition, and the only solution is to be as one was before ever finding JWs. It's a strange let down, hopefully people can stay in tune with the Bible that already does outline all four renditions of UN evolution to final form, and that must continue in development to were it must lead.

    JWs, as a whole in general, have of course not progressed in UN understanding since 2nd placement UN 1945. To JWs, the 1990 UN "new world order" statements as another way of saying world governmental order, are totally insignificant, and harmless. One can even join the UN proclamations henceforth as UN NGO, and jump ship from the Messianic Kingdom former proclamation and cause, and everything is just fine.

    It is just a matter of time and JWs will also be as scattered when the Bethel turnip truck rolls on the UN sidestreets. It cannot simply remain a static affair either for Bethel or the UN final cycle inevitable activation soon. True it goes on a decade, but JWs will be scattered turnips at the start of that cycle. Really the turnips, as us leaving JWs, is just due to Bethel losing any magnetism of actual truth, decharged by hypocrisy and lawless alliances, and it would take another Taze Russell type personality and resources to even form a new nucleus by human means (meaning only God himself could save JWs now), and another period of human existence, because many other institutions will also be in deconstruction in this coming next 5 years of the initial financial globalization process. (From when it starts).

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    I think there is a serious question to be asked about the conflict in law between freeedom of religion and the rights of parents to bring up their children as they see fit; and child abuse from indoctrination into a high control religion that uses fear to exert psychological control. As freedom of religion is a political no go zone it would take a lot for law-makers to recognise that something needs to be done. But if all of the expereinces relayed on this website and other similar websites could be collated and presented through the media and lobby groups to goverments and international organisations on a global basis and in a coordinated way it may have some impact. But this would take time, reources and organisation.

  • RayPublisher

    @EOM - I like your thread. One of the reasons is this:

    "Why has nobody started a petition or writing letters to congress, etc?

    I can't be in the spotlight as starting this because of a family member. But I wonder why there is no big change.org type petition going on with hundreds of thousands of signatures, etc.

    Or putting together a nice letter about how JW's..."

    If not you, then who? Talking about it will not make it happen. Go out and make it happen my friend.

  • DeWandelaar

    A revolution starts if a lot of people feel the same way and want to act accordingly... that is where the problems start to begin: many of those who leave have different reasons and many have different family situations. So although a lot of people get shunned some just do not care too much. Also... what I notice is that MOST people that leave will have changed there lives within a couple of years and will have recovered mostly of their cultperiod. They do not feel the need to get others out or to help them by starting a war. It is much easier to change your life then to start a war you most probably won't win.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous


    I was a born in, I left eventually, I took serious damage but I did it. Sadly, in the US they ARE free to inflict this kind of damage on others. Other religions do it as well (be it Catholic or Mormon) but they're protected because pretty much the entire legislature is religious. There are hotspots in the EU fighting it and they have relented on some of the rules because of places like Russia, Belgium and France (the "persecution in Russia and France" is largely based on the governments' stance on disfellowshipping and keeping separate from the world (not doing anything of value to society) which as a result revokes their religious status and puts them in the 'business/cult' category). China has a pretty good handle on all religions, it's just how far do you want to drive it?

    The only thing you can do is educate people and prove the dubs wrong, the rest will flow naturally.

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