International Conventions in the U.S.A 2014

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    What's the deal with this? Could it be related to the rumored reduction of the ammount of DC's for next year here in thr U.S.? Elders in the northeast (i assume other area's as well) received a letter inviting them to a "special" meeting 2-3 weeks ago to discuss hospitality at Int'l DC's to be held next summer. Anyone know the scoop?

  • KateWild

    I don't have the scoop on the US. But for the first time all UK DC's will be on the same dates, so we will all link up and see the GB's talks, but as far as DC sites in the UK are concerned in our District they have increased and have two venues and two districts inatead of one.

    Must be the increase ????!!!!???

    Kate xx


    Not really, but it's pretty lame. There will be a convention. Jws will pay for it, along with paying for " missionaries " to fly back to their respective homes. The same crap will be said at this convention, except it will be further away from your house than normal. Oh yeah, you have to pay to get there too... I had to pay over $500.00 just to attend a DC that was 4 hours from my home. That was gas and Hotel expenses. It did not included contributions made at the convention by my wife.

    Imagine having to travel through several states to attend a DC. I have a friend in a foreign language Congo. He is in the mid-west and will probably be invited to Florida for an International DC. Can you imagine the costs? Plane tickets or driving, time off of work, food, contributions. Plus the asenine rules of the GB for attendees? It's not worth it.

    Oh yeah, remember the Billion dollars the WTBTS just made???

  • KateWild

    DD-good piont about GB guys, getting all costs paid for comming to the UK, and Israel last year. Having a time of it, but not comparable to the pope at all. After all they don't travel around in a bubble top car, when visiting other countries, very different indeed.-Kate xx

  • leaving_quietly

    In the Seattle area, it definitely does account for the reduction in number of DCs and venues. There will be one International Convention, with an expected attendance upwards of 40,000. No Tacoma conventions, and apparently no Tri-cities ones either. Probably some others as well, but I don't know which ones. We had a special letter read about the hospitality. It was a bit vague. Sounded more like they're trying to talk it up among the locals so they could have ones flying in from other countries be met at the airport, taken around a bit before an after the convention, maybe out in service, stay at the homes of locals, etc, for a 1-2 week period mostly afterward. Most JWs will be outwardly overjoyed at this, but the reality is that they are being demanded of to display hospitality for thousands of people in a very unnecessary way, and at their own expense. I have nothing against hospitality at all. I do have something against unnecessary burdens being put on people. Then again, I've come to expect this. Christ said of the Pharisees:

    They bind up heavy loads and put them upon the shoulders of men, but they themselves are not willing to budge them with their finger. - Matt 23:4

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Oh, you Guys are GOOD!!


  • Gayle

    Wasn't there 16 U.S. cities for "international?" Suppose to be only for areas "assigned." All others to go to 'non-international' conventions (no doubt smaller sizes).

  • Gopher

    I can say how the JW international conventions were arranged in the 1960's and 1970's when I was young: Every JW went to one. The only special assignments were those who would travel internationally, and had to be invited by the WT Society to do so.

    So when I went to international conventions in Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco -- every JW went to those large venues, and you'd see foreign JW's there too. There were no smaller/local conventions in our home state like as there were in other years.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    I'd say slight of hand. Not only are they cutting costs by combining smaller DCs into larger ones. They get a bigger chunk of contributions at once. Also, by having DCs at the same time, the GB has the opportunity of making a greater impact on convicing their victimes, each lingering on their every word, aw well as making the DC look like they're busting at the seams with increase........

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