THREE BASICS of Jehovah-dumb

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  • Terry

    Keep this one fact in mind about Jehovah's Witnesses. They exist in three dumb categories throughout their history.

    1. Honest bible students attracted to the gimmicks of Russell (charts, graphs, chronologies, pyramid inches, etc.) expected the End of the World to come and they wanted to know more.

    2.Contrarian hard heads under Rutherford wanted to prove everybody was wrong about everything except themselves. If Christendom said "white" they would insist it was "black." Holier than thou was the name of the game. Proving you were right and righteous consisted of provoking demonstrations by refusing blood, going to prison, Supreme court battles and thumbing their noses at holidays.

    3.Professional ministers under Knorr performed an education work consisting of explaining the deepest details of scripture by persuasion and indoctrination door to door. They were clean cut, honest, hard working and able to win every religious argument by flipping the onion skin pages of their green bibles.

    THEN the1975 debacle turned their squeeky clean image into a nightmare of cult dupes. Everybody was stunned quietly into silence.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses had tried to master the art of explaining their theology by going door to door predicting Armageddon using math, chronology and the bible. It had backfired like an antique shotgun in their faces. The whole world made fun of them. They were humiliated and embarrassed and wrong publicly!

    Being consumed by details was seen to be worse than snake-handling.

    Trumpeting doom by quoting dates, prophetic rules (a day for a year) flipping bible passages and linking causes to effects had produced nitroglycerin. At the center of the explosion was the Governing Body and their claim to Authority over True theology.

    The governing body regrouped. Splits, cracks and rebellions were fomenting underground....even at Bethel!


    Everybody had seen black and white evidence in vivid color that the Society was WRONG! Surely there must be a good reason.

    Here is where it gets really interesting.

    The brothers and sisters who really dug in to investigate the details of theology that led to the debacle over 1975 eventually found themselves confronting the facts. The facts proved they were in a crackpot end of the world cult run by people with no authority whatsoever from Jehovah.

    Fred Franz and his nephew were at opposite ends of that spectrum. Fred Franz could/would never admit to being wrong. If he did, that ended the illusion of a faithful and discreet slave serving up spiritual food (truth) at the proper time. Fred Franz stonewalled it. The rest of the "slave" had to stonewall it too. Or else? The END of the crackpot FDS!

    Ray Franz, at the other end of the intellectual honesty spectrum, dug in and investigated everything from scratch. He smelled the dead rat. He uncovered the lie. Many others started using their own brains to dig deep for the very first time. The man behind the curtain wasn't the Great and Powerful Oz. It was simply delusional men pulling dates out of their asses.

    There was a schism. The winners were the hardliners who performed a slow-motion INQUISITION to shut apostates up and kick them out as fast as they could. (Apostates are people who saw the failure of the FDS and investigated.)

    The crackdown rivalled what happened when Stalin got rid of Lenin and the purge got deadlier and deadlier.Ray Franz left Bethel and others soon followed. The only people who remained kept their doubts to themselves and their mouths shut.

    Brothers and sisters started living double lives. They got their best acting faces on at the Kingdom Hall and cut loose privately.

    Three generations (from 1975 onward) of JW kids were reared by despot parents (eager to prove to snoopy elders how loyal they were) who drove them nuts and pushed them (unwittingly) out of the "Truth" by squeezing the fun out of life.

    Other parents, who were in silent despair, faded or acted out along with their kids. Thus, in a latter day Seppuku--tens of thousands of once faithful JW's committed ritual suicide by getting themselves disfellowshipped.

    Today, at your local Kingdom Hall you don't have curious human beings with rational functioning brains. You have trained monkeys who put on a show of acting as though they are learning. It is just a performance, I assure you.

    The consequence of all the above?

    Few Jehovah's Witnesses grasp the details of their own theology. So, how can they EXPLAIN IT? They can't.

    If you ask a dumb JW a question they will promise to return with the answer. They don't.

    It is a hollow pretense.

    Door to door "ministry" is reaching for low-hanging fruit. (Idiot householders.)


    The preaching work is nothing more and nothing less than a dumb show of magazine and book selling.

    That's how it began under Russell and that is how it is today.

    Education work?




  • Comatose

    Excellent analysis. Saving.

  • AlphaMan

    Very good. If we all keep posting the truth about this bat-shit crazy cult we were in, perhaps it will help others to see it and get out.

  • Terry

    The few groups of Witnesses I've run into in the last ten years are among the least knowledgable, least competent and most clueless people ever.

    These people were more like mainstream church people who know little but believe much.

    I suppose they don't do any training in the TMS any longer.

  • Elijehovah

    Terry. Yes, Terry. TEST ME. My worship of Jehovah does not require Christendom nor WatchTowerdom. And in reading line for line what you wrote i can give personal life experiences and examples of year by year process in a Hall, not one WT President to the next.

  • whathappened

    Elijehovah: Is English a second language for you? Your posts sound so sincere but dont make a lot of sense. Please let us know more about you. We are all friends here. No details so that anyone can identify you, but just a general summary of who you are would be appreciated.

  • Elijehovah

    Russell died the first 2 years of God's kingdom. (I refer to 537-535bc, not 1914-1916)

    Rutherford was part of the problem Cambyses and Smyrdis and Gaumata put on the temple. They stopped the work in 1926-1928, but Darius stood up and declared the Name Jehovah on it in his 2nd year and 4 years later all 144,000 stones were counted. The bride Esther was taken in the 1960s and Haman tried to kill her in 1976 in the 12th year of Xerxes. I was chosen in the 7th year of Artaxerxes, and like Nehemiah a wall went up do to my presence on the internet in 1996. Needless to say a wall went up between WT and temple, (one that I thought would be spiritual ascent ot heaven), but instead it was legal. They dissolved 1914 Birtish license which leaves the religious license in the USA vulnerable to same accusation as in 1918. This does create a wall, because now protection of communion partakers is now strictly only by hand of God and not legal protection. Like Jesus saved by God 3rd day after death, but not saved by legal law as he was saved by legal laws at birth, just like the British 1918 laws. So the WT is now nothing more than the clothing of Jesus stripped off before torns are placed as a crown upon the bride's head, and she is executed (stripped of WT) and saves not with books, and not with KH, and not with COs or DAs nor by elders or MS, but by her blood which gives the whole 144,000 (134,000 in heaven) the ability to become flesh for 40 days on earth. Of course you will think her disciple children crazy if like Jesus she appears only to them and not YOU. Damn it, if you were Jesus would you not have appeared to Herod and to Pontius and the high priest, some Pharisees? This is MY APOSTACY that MY JEHOVAH GAVE ME.... but elders lied and they told other meetings that they never said i had to drop my research to prove repentant. Scripture holds true. ALL men are liars, but Jehovah will be proved true.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Oh goody, break out the Xanax and Thorazine.

  • Elijehovah

    No English is my only language. Peter said to Jesus, Please Lord do not speak in riddles, I don't understand you. But if you go read that story, do YOU think Peter understood when Jesus said In a little while you will see me no more, never again, but I tell you I will come back and you will see me, and then you will know I will always be with you. I speak the same way. And I find if I explain, you won't understand either because you will think it too wordy. Words have changed since I was born. Going dutch means Pay your own way instead of split down the middle so the Dutch get the better deal. My friend in 1982 gave me an 1889 dictionary and looking up ejaculation it had only one definition "a short prayer". People say ironic means weird, and it doesnt, it means to be opposite. Plumbers with clogged sinks, painters with unpainted or peeling houses, or people thinking that pitch is a level (the pitch of a sound) so that if their is pitch black, there must be pitch white. Pitch is tar, it doesnt come in white and so the phrase is ironic. I am awareof these things, and since i speak to foreignors with hand gestures and defining english words of them, i find that the "norm" for americans has changed meanings of words in 50 years. The blame is all on you people of this country, not me. My mom is italian and she taught me Arivederci is broken down into I will see you again. It does not mean Goodbye which is a permanent go away, and means God Be (with you). No one in this forum will learn anything form me, by reading me, unless they have humility to ask me specifically what any particular specific thing means that i said. I regard myself as Baptizer John and accept (bitterly) the fact that all I know will vanish at death, and that is because no one understands all that i say. Perhaps this is why I am best at drawing charts and tables and timelines. BUT i do not know how to post them here. I had a biblical archeological site close up because i posted 3 to 4 a day, and I became 90% of it. Charts all over, including cool animated GIF charts. Timelines proving Peleg's son Reu was Chinese Yu the Great in the city of Ur. So ask or ignore. It is inevitable I'll be pushed out again. Wasnt John? The one question i want to ask the GB is should the great crowd excommunicate John for not following Jesus? And what kept Jesus from abide in whatever the apostles wanted, and rid John if they thought he should do so. Did Jesus respect John for the truth he was, or just because this is his cousin? because I am no cousin to anyone in you GB list of 8. And I will warn them that the 8 spies of Canaan will bring 7 million deaths to wandering in Sinai when Armageddon strikes.

    PS. I am a very fast two-fnger typer. So it was nice that the BAS forum (biblical archeology society) had an edit button to revise within 3 days. Lots of typos, I type form instead of from, etc. Lots of time i type won instead of own, and i wish i did, win that is.

    Spell checks dont work because i use 100s of names not in dictionaries. Peleg Mes.Anipada the father of Reu A.Anipada the grandfather of Nahor Mes.Kalumdug whose grandson is Haran A.Kalumdug. I also contract names such as Mesanipada instead of Messannepadda. Not to mention many spellings such as Egyptian Christmas month Choiak (British), Kyak (Arabic), Kayak (my choice because it defines the boat of Noah's ark versus the one-man boat of Noah's death) - - however Kayak is the month of Peleg's death not Noah's So with all the red spell-check lines in what i write then i dont catch the real errors, not to mention when meaning FROM my typo FORM is not questioned as an error.

  • Elijehovah

    OK. Clarified. Terry. Yes, Terry. TEST ME. YOU said JWs do not know their own religion. That in my experience man, has been a growing process over 30 years, seeing each year people knew less, especially with know-it-alls who dominate. And my advice got seen as apostate, when my zeal enraged me that top district assembly elders would teach that pyramids were built by angels before the Flood. My worship of Jehovah does not require Christendom nor WatchTowerdom. And in reading line for line what you Terry wrote i can give personal life experiences and examples of year by year process in a Hall, (not Terry's one WT President to the next synopsis). So now I presented my own synopsis of that same timeline Russell to Rutherford to me because I am the incarnate of those two. I am Elijahovah, and whether I like it or not, Jehovah doesnt let me out of it, no matter how much I think it makes my life worse not better.

    So now you ask a little about myself. Do you mean the 10 years mom and dad did not speak to me, or do you mean mom's bypass last year and depsite elders and sisters on her card, it was I who asked what was in the IV and they told me blood plasma. Mene Tekel Parsin (from Daniel it means incompetent, negligent, erring, and it will destroy you. Daniel said this very day.) Ask. I am an open book. I do not mind being identified. I gladly die in court for Jehovah be it a battle of insulted tantum Judas, or against Peter who thinks pulling his sword is to save Jesus.

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