Something NEW is happening with Jehovah's Witnesses on the internet

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  • Oubliette

    The exponential growth of ex-JWs if proof of Jehovah's backing for leaving the WTBTS!

  • Hoffnung

    Peak publishers is any way not real, since it includes publishers that reported too late a month earlier are counted twice (report of previous + current month). the real figure is the avarage number.

  • Finkelstein

    There is a certain contravening irony going on involving the JWS/WTS. and the inter-net.

    For one the inter-net is informing the general public of the long standing corruption and misinformation

    the Watchtower Corporation has been producing since its existence and this is actually helping people to

    leave this organization and the WTS. itself is strenuously now is using the inter-net to promote its literature

    proliferation, lessening the printed publications which has been a long standing formula in cultivate following


  • steve2

    Peak publishers do not convey the same picture as average numbers preaching. It is interesting that, until the 2014 yearbook is available, they have not trumpeted the average numbers preaching - also no mention of the total at the memorial this year or of numbers partaking of the emblems.

  • Terry

    The only purpose for statistics connected to a religious group is propaganda.

    The veneer of reality attaches to numbers.

    By quantifying something you are saying it is real.

    By exploiting "increase" you imply forward movement toward an achievable goal.

    He who lives by the statistic, however, may well perish by same.

    What are the statistics for disaffected members ready to disavow their indoctrination?

    How many housecalls does it take to produce a single convert?

    Out of each new convert, how many become former members?

    What percentage of predictions have been successful?

    What number attaches to "true" teaching requiring "adjustment" or reversal?

    Not so fast with the statistics--they might come back and bite you on your ass!

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    "The human species that has developed this thing called religious
    belief. As of 2013 many still aren't done with it."

    --Joseph Campbell The Power Of Myth

    Of course some would argue that religious belief was revealed. There isn't much in science that is tenable. It's ever changing. Religion, it is argued, is changed changes when men change it or God changes it. Unless one can gain and keep the Holy Spirit, it's difficult to tell. No one religion has access to the Spirit, and I believe it operates in the hearts of men to give them light and knowledge, inspire them in music and science and operates for the good of mankind. The more control that is exerted among men againsty others -- tyrannies, cults, politicians, sexual -- the more the Spirit is grieved and it withdraws from peoples and nations. Philosophers are quick to tell us these are fantasies, but they can't explain the intricacies of good and evil and why one is good and the other evil. This came about as a result of the fall, for the intellect alone cannot tell the difference between the two.



  • Etude

    This "peak" publishers stat is really crafty of them and typical of the WTBTS. The "average" would yield a more accurate figure. An actuall number, comprising the final number of publishers at the end of a period would yield yet another sum which would vary due to uncotrolled varients. I don't know if it has been done before by someone here, but it would be interesting to show figures, over a number years or decades, documenting the increase in new publishers as a factor of the total count of witnesess. That would reveal at what rate people are leaving the ranks and, proportionately, the actual rate of growth of the organization. When I was in, the exciting thing was the unprecedented growth of the organization as an indicator of Jehovah's blessing. I guess Jehovah has decided to keep the party small and private.

  • joe134cd

    I absolutly believe that soon they will be forced to back track and get the dubbies preaching on the internet. I mean they just have to. If I'm going to buy something over the internet I have to have positive testimony on it out side of the organization trying to sell it to me. I just have to. To do otherwise would be foolish. It will be interesting to see how this pans out and the fruit it will bear.

  • besty
  • Watchtower-Free

    Now almost 700 new members in the last two months

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