Assembly resolutions - did anyone ever take them seriously?

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  • molybdenum

    Next Assembly Resolutions

    We resolve to tell lies, more lies, and pass them off as New Light.

    We resolve to shun anyone who does not agree with what the newly recognised

    Faithful and Discreet Slave says.

    We resolve to continue promoting WWW.JW.ORG to be used on tablets

    in the field service even though 80% of witnesses cannot afford one.

    We resolve to obey the hundreds of rules given to congregation Elders ( to control the

    "flock" ) even though we know rules are not necessary.

    We resolve to shop anyone who says "aye" to this resolution but is thinking differently

    so they can be rounded up and taken before a Judical commitee.

    Probably everyone would say "Aye" to this.

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