Ex-brother-in-law Elder comes by to visit after 12-15 years.

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  • jam

    Knock at the door, my brother-in law. He had just return from

    cross country trip, he visited my daughter and her family in the mid west.

    He came by to tell me, her last words with tears in her eyes, tell Dad I love

    him and his grand kids miss him. Unbelievable.

    I told him, in the past 12 years my daughter have been here for visits over

    a dozen times and not one time did she come by or call, please.

    Then he starts, thing are getting bad.LOL

    So I stopped him in the middle of his sentence. You know since I left the Witnesses

    over 27 years ago I know more about the Bible then I did as a JW.

    So he said, what are you doing about it? I said that is why I am an agnostic today.

    One thing I did when I left the borg, I looked into the history of the WT and that

    did it for me. You are a doom day cult, you lead the way in false prophecies. And

    please tell me about the overlapping generation.

    He said(this was so funny) people sometimes get things wrong they move ahead.

    A generation are my peers, my age, mother and father and my kids.

    I said oh really, that is not what WT said.

    Let me get back to you on that.LOL

    We were very close and I think he will return.

    He also ask, what have I been doing over the years.

    I told him I play golf each week, learn to play the Guitar and a student

    of the bible. He told me he have three guitars and would love to learn

    to play.

  • jgnat

    He will have time in the new system to learn how to play. Now, it is much more important to be involved in the life-saving work. The world getting so bad as it is.

    Don't tell him this, please. Poor Watchtower slave.

  • SanLuisObispoTruthSeeker

    I am sorry your daughter is not human, this religion turns them in to ghouls! The actions of your daughter are not surprising, over the years I knew of plenty of parents who had not spoken to their kids once they were disfellowshiped by incompetent elders, only in JW-Land does a spiritual person find weird acts of hatred like the following real life stories.

    Elder Dufus has five kids who are disfellowshiped and refuses to give a dam about them. Why, his exteremist views fueled by the Watchtower's Isolationist theology promote's his sense of righteous and blunts his conscience to feel good about his stance. Elder Dufus has been worried about the fact he has not saved any money and his health is troubling him and his wife. He asked "Who is going to watch over us if I can't work anymore?" Why has Brother Dufus allowed the Cult's flexi-doctrines to turn his heart to hard stone? He has not seen his teenager kids and never seen his five, seven and fourteen year old grandchildren ever, why do JWs feel good about walking away from their kids and parents with ease? Something is wrong with their brains, the Cult short-circuits their humanity and converts it to animalistic conduct. The story reverses rolls too, my Aunt has not spoken to her parents in Eight Years because she believes they have committed blasphemy against her husband so she is very hateful and preaches with the Piousneers of JW-Land.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have to tell themselves the biggest lie we all know, "Jehovah's Witnesses are the most loving people on the earth." and "Jehovah's Witnesses worship God in a secure and safe location because Jehovah would never allow bad people in a Kingdom Hall".

    "You don't need any old family or friends when you are part of the Truth, Jehovah's Witnesses will fill any emotional needs and comfort each other because that's what Christians do (JWs are not Christians, so they don't comfort each other and leave everyone out to dry who is not part of the "most-inner-circle" of righteous ones).

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Jam I am marking this because I hope you will come back and tell us more.


  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Free T-Shirts are now being given out at the Elder's Schools upon completion of class...

  • DesirousOfChange

    Elder Dufus has five kids who are disfellowshiped and refuses to give a dam about them.


    How does a "shepherd" who has last the 5 most important sheep in his life, remain and Elder?

    How can he be trusted with the welfare of the flock?


  • sarahsmile

    The bottom line elder Duff has an x and everyone in the cong ignores him. People know when there is a sick elder in the cong.

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