Do all Mormons go from door to door?

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  • NewYork44M

    Nothing is more exciting on a Saturday morning than watching jws and mormons competing for the same territory. I have been in that situation, and we both agreed to change our territory so we won't be bothering the neighborhood with two cults on one morning.

  • emeth

    only younger mormons do (male and female) but they are not that succesful outside the United States while Jehovah's Witnesses (although their religion is younger) have a much larger presence in almost every country outside the USA.

    Also one of their elders recently said that although the mormons report 15 million members only 5 million of them are active (most of them in the USA)

  • nikiparker

    The definitive answer is contained hear

    but basically here are the basics

    all worthy men 18-25 go out for 2 hours and serve away from home they do this full time

    young sisters of a similar age do to

    when retired a couple may go on a senior mission and serve for any time from 6 months to 2 years and may do so repeadedly young missionaries only serve once but may serve again when retired

    there are also members who are called in their local area to serve in their home area

    all mission work is self funded

  • jam

    Thanks nlklparker.

  • JWdaughter

    Just as a side note-in the LDS church is a thought that "every member a missionary",meaning that they are supposed to evangelize in some way-inviting non LDS folks to various meetings (for that purpose) They usually don't involve the flip board unless someone is wanting the missionary lessions. They are "firesides" or just youth or ladies events, they get the through scouting and other social things, too. Basically, they are supposed to be good citizens, let others know their religion and be hospitable.

    The missionaries do go door to door, but a lot oftheir work is when people who are interested in becoming LDS or learning more have requested a visit by the missionaries. The every member a missionary program feeds that purpose quite well.

    They are also really helpful. If missionaries see people struggling or working in some way that obviously needs some assistance or where company would be welcome, they will often remove their jackets and roll up their sleeves and help. If you don't think that is a good witness-you would be wrong. All the things that JWs WON'T do because the door to door work is so important are exactly the kinds of things that DO work. Being good in the community, volunteering, helpingn out a neighbor simply cause they need it. JWs barely help each other in some congregations (not all), but they would consider doing good works in the community a waste-I mean, they can't count it as time, can they?

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