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    I was tinkering with a picture this morning and...

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    *** yb00 pp. 127-128 Britain ***

    Back in the early 1970’s, a traveling overseer encouraged David Hudson to pursue a theocratic career. But at the time, David was heavily committed to his secular job as divisional manager with a reprographics company. Then suddenly the company decided that his job was no longer needed. Now he appreciated the comment by Lyman Swingle, a member of the Governing Body, at a meeting in Cardiff, Wales, in 1984. Brother Swingle had compared careers in the world to ‘polishing the brass on a sinking ship.’

    *** w77 4/1 p. 199 par. 8 How Can You Find Real Security? ***

    If you had been on the “Titanic,” what would you have concerned yourself with after it started to sink? While you would not have condemned the previous material benefits of the ship, you certainly would consider them now absolutely unimportant, would you not? The main thing in this new situation would be the preserving of your life. You would consider someone very foolish, even mentally unbalanced, who then spent all his energies trying to get better accommodations, meals, or other material benefits on the ship when, in a few hours, it would plunge beneath the waves!

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    Lie Man Swingle a ? he had the right first name, just his spelling of it was wrong.

    I wonder what exactly will be the WT's iceburg ? it is a leaky old ship already, many are leaving or preparing to do so, but I wonder if there is an Iceburg lurking out there that will sink the WT quicker than the Titanic sank ?

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    Faithful Witness

    Love it. Great references, Blondie!

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    Hi Blondie,

    w77 4/1 p. 199 par. 8 How Can You Find Real Security?

    My dad was fond of using the Titanic to illustrate how this system was going down. Here is my response...

    Imagine you are on a luxury cruise ship and you encounter a passenger who shares with you that the ship is sinking. What would you do? Would you not warn others, trying to help as many as you could leave the doomed vessel? Imagine you do that, going from cabin to cabin, walking deck upon deck giving the loudest most urgent warning you can muster. Over time, convinced, many others join in with you to proclaim this warning. Some though, in your ranks begin to wonder, noting that while all of the sailing is not smooth nothing out of the ordinary happens and day after day the ship sails on. Would you not agree such defectors deserved to be punished, after all, they are putting the lives of all who listen to them in peril? Shunning such ones is the last ditch effort you can do to bring them back to their senses. Although such action makes you incredible sad, your loyalty and love demands it.

    Finally after a long while the ship pulls into port and the passengers disembark. They talk about all the incredible things they saw, the exotic ports of call, the conversations that were part of day to day life on that luxury cruise ship. You think back, and can't recall that. "Where is your daughter?" one of the passengers asks. "I don't know, I started shunning her about 1/2 way through the cruise and haven't talked to her since" is your answer. It seemed you were so busy shunning and telling others the ship was in peril that you forgot about the purpose of the cruise itself!

    "I thought you told me this ship was going to sink" you complain to that original passenger who shared this truth with you. He replies, "no, it is 'a ship', not 'this ship.' Where the Bible mentions 'cruise', it evidently means 'overlapping cruises'. In any regards, we must be patient and wait on Jehovah to shink the ship and when he does, we'll be glad..."

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    awesome illistration Randy!!

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    Great response, Rawe. "Overlapping cruises." Hilarious!

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